PHOTOS: Treif Seafood Packaged As Kosher With A ‘Badatz’ Hechsher


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According to a report on Rotter, earlier in the week, a carton of cod fish produced by the Biladi Company with a hashgacha from Badatz Chug Chassam Sofer Petach Tikvah was opened by the kitchen staff of the Israel Police Academy. Instead of cod fish they found treif seafood in the box and Baruch Hashem, the alertness of the mashgiach prevented possible use of the fish.

The Chief Rabbinate of Israel and the Biladi Company stopped distribution nationwide to permit checking each carton. It is pointed out this case involved commercial cartons of cod fish and not retail packages sold in supermarkets.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. They probably use Mashgichim from the Braille Institute. It happens all the time.

    After viewing the disgusting photo of the treif contents of the package, I was wondering if this was a squid-pro-quo!

  2. ‘bakala’ fish is NOT cod!!!
    and i wouldn’t write ‘badatz’ hechsher in the title of this report, b/c badatz is usually associated with badatz eidah, and that’s putting them in bad light
    you can put ‘chasam sofer’ hechsher in the title instead…

  3. Please don’t smear בד”ץ with the well known חוג shortcomings. These people are not known as Badatz, and this probably would NEVER happen under the ‘Badatz’ hasgoche.