WATCH THIS: NYPD Officer Lies About Red Light; Dashcam Says It All


The attached video speaks for itself.

An individual driving in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn was issued a ticket for going through a red light on Tuesday. The only problem is, is that the vehicle thankfully had a dashcam which proves that no red light was passed.

The police officer from the NYPD’s 90 Precinct stopped the vehicle and begins by asking the driver if he is in a rush. The driver asks the officer why he was stopped to which the officer replies “if you had to take a guess, take a guess”. The driver says he has no idea why. The officer responds by saying “how long have you been driving”, and then tells the driver that he blew past a red light. The stunned driver then says I went through a red light? I can check it on my camera. The officer quickly snaps back “what does a camera have to do with anything?”

The officer then proceeded to write the innocent driver a summons.

Watch this shocking video and see for yourself.

Dashcams are inexpensive and drivers should have them installed to prevent incidents like this as well as in case of motor vehicle accidents.

(Chaim Shapiro – YWN)


  1. Same Pct. gave me a ticket. Was making a left turn, and cop didn’t like how I turned, etc…… Cop said I turned from left lane when I really turned from the right. Then he threatened me with another ticket for admitting to an illegal turn as well. Problem is, it is legal to turn left from both lanes. Cop lied…… They are not out for safety and Vision Zero. They are out for ‘Gottcha ya’…… DeBlasio promised to David Greenfield that if he agees and votes for Vision zero, the speed limit on ocean prkwy will stay at 30 mph. A few months later it waz lowered to 25 mph. Lies, lies, lies, lies, etc…….

  2. The problem is that with modern technology even videos are so easy to fake that it all boils down to the word of the each side anyway.

  3. The driver should go to Dov Hikins a police head and a news station to show how officers lie. This must be exposed.

  4. I was once driving down Coney Island Avenue and a cop stops me for absolutely no reason. He asks me for my drivers license. So I unbuckle my seatbelt and I hand him my drivers license which was in my pants pocket. He asks me: “Do you know why I stopped you”? I answered: “no”. So he responds: “I stopped you because you were driving without a seatbelt”!! I was shocked at his blatant lie!!

    The end was, he seems to be embarrassed of his own Chutzpah and just handed me back my drivers license and he left without giving me a ticket.

  5. IMHO, based on what I see written on the ticket, the cop is going to claim that when the driver turned left and then immediately turned right (48 second mark) that the light was still red when the driver “rolled” into the intersection and then veered right. Since (in the cops view) the light was red the driver should have come to a full stop.

  6. This is not a stop sign. If the light turns green just as you get there, you don’t have to stop. Furthermore, it looks like the light was green the whole time, I don’t see where it was initially red.

    I would really, really love to know how this turns out. It is a well known fact that the traffic court judges will accept as truth anything the Police Officer says, while at the same time discounting as a lie anything said by the driver. ‘Innocent until proven guilty’ is just a fancy phrase written on signs on the walls, but is not actually implemented in traffic court. I want to know if a Dash-Cam that yields documented footage of an officer lying will change anything.

    I fear that Common Sense Person might be right – it might require politicians and a News expose (or at least the threatened risk of one) to get justice.

  7. apushatayid – no, it is faint but says 0523.

    BTW – The video also shows the speed of the vehicle, and it shows it going over 25mph for a bit. That would be nice to photoshop out. But in any case, allegedly a ticket cannot be issued based on the video, because the officer has to witness the violation. Officially. We all know in practice this is yet another injustice we suffer.

  8. it is “faint”. VERY faint. If you see it, hats off to you.

    “It is a well known fact that the traffic court judges will accept as truth anything the Police Officer says, while at the same time discounting as a lie anything said by the driver.”

    I guess someone forgot to tell this to the judge who heard my case in traffic court. The officer presented his case, I was not even asked to present my side of the story and the judge declared not guilty.

  9. yitzyk: I do agree with you it is not a stop sign. Not being able to read the cops handwriting I am just stating (based on what I could read) what I think the cop is going to claim. The car on the left applies the brakes around the time the driver reaches the stop line. This is why I think the cop wrote the word “roll”.

  10. The ‘3’ is slightly to the right, not centered in the box. I am looking at it on a large bright desktop monitor. A laptop or phone screen would indeed make it impossible to see. But it is there. Now you can put your hat back on.
    Probably equally well known is that results vary by judge, which boro the court is in, and whether you paid a lawyer to accompany you (even without the lawyer speaking, the lawyers are familiar to and friendly with the judges and their mere presence may get you a more favorable judgement.)

    There are stories like yours, but there are also stories about judges that ignored/disqualified evidence, raised fines, allowed officers to ‘revise’ a ticket or change their testimony, or just have a generally crappy mood and attitude.

    Consider yourself lucky, or if you want to think of your case as the norm, consider a lot of other people unlucky.

  11. I don’t see what you are seeing. The light is clearly green for those two seconds on my screen. Further proof is the other car making a left turn through that same green light.