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Cabinet Secretary Adds Clarity To Cabinet Kosel Decision

Following the outcry against the Sunday cabinet decision to freeze the Kosel decision to establish an egalitarian prayer area at the Kosel, Cabinet Secretary Tzachi Braverman explained the details of the most recent decision.

Many are angered over the decision in the Reform and Conservative communities, so much so that Braverman has issued the following clarification vis-à-vis the cabinet decision.

“It is important to Prime Minister Netanyahu that every Jew is able to pray at the Western Wall. Therefore, alongside yesterday’s decision he issued three directives that have gone unnoticed:

“First, the Prime Minister instructed that work to prepare the southern plaza be expedited so that Jews from all streams may pray at the Kosel.

“Second, that Jews from all streams be able to continue praying there – as they are able to do today.

“Third, the Prime Minister instructed Minister Tzachi Hanegbi and me to continue dialogue in order to try and reach a solution.

I recommend that those trying to exploit this issue be precise with the facts.”

When Braverman refers to the “Southern Plaza”, he refers to the area that was established by Naftali Bennet during his tenure as Minister of Jerusalem Affairs.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. The Hellenist leaders are screaming because they want recognition and power,they already have the Western Wall section built at great expense by the Israeli taxpayers to pray in but they aren’t interested in prayer.

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