New Name Proposed For Town Of North Monroe Near Kiryas Joel


The following is via: MidHudsonNews

Should the Village of Kiryas Joel win approvals to carve a chunk out of the Town of Monroe to form their own Hasidic township, its original name may be changed.

Instead of calling the new municipality North Monroe, town fathers are considering naming it the Town of Palm Tree.

The original proposal, which was for some 380 acres of Monroe land to be placed in the jurisdiction of the community, will be reduced to 220 acres as well.

Village of Kiryas Joel officials would not comment on the proposed name change, but one source said the new name would differentiate it from the Town of Monroe and avoid confusion between the two townships.

The Orange County Legislature, which must give the approval for the new town to move to the next phase, has set two public hearings on the issue. If lawmakers grant their okay, it would go to voters in the impacted area.

Should the new town make it all the way through the approval process, it could be stalled over a court challenge.



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