WATCH: How Would You Spend $1.1 Billion? See What The PA Does With The Money


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This brief but nonetheless shocking video, explains how the PA (Palestinian Authority) has spent $1.1 billion despite the fact so many are starving and lack basic amenities in the PA.

The PA continued paying over $,3000 monthly to terrorists and their families, opting to continue on its old path and not focusing on providing a better future for its citizens tomorrow.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Incredible. But think about it, if they can re-write history to promulgate the lies of their occupation, they will twist this in their favor as well. Perhaps, they might say, $1.1B isn’t enough. We need more from the US government and those so called “peace lovers” at the UN. How can everyone be so gullible? Alas, like all those who came before, their blind hatred will beset their own downfall, i’yH.

  2. unfortunately, the answer to the last question in the video is that they would rather the money be spent on murdering Jews.