Israeli Arab In Custody For Stealing Tzedaka Boxes


Israeli police officers were summoned to a business over the weekend to a break-in of a business after a suspect was seen on security cameras. The suspect was apprehended with burglary tools as well as stolen property including money and property from 13 additional break-ins.

During the night between Thursday and Friday, 2 Elul, on HaBanim and Prachim Streets in Tiveria, 13 break-ins took place. the thief, a 27-year-old Israeli Arab from Tira, stole money from tzedaka boxes in each location.

Following a report received at the 100 emergency police dispatcher, police officers were summoned to one of the businesses that was broken into. After watching the security cameras, police searched the streets and alleys and soon located a suspect.

Police were able to tie the suspect to all 13 break-ins. He was arraigned and held over without bail.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)