PHOTOS: Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner & Family Walk To Shul On Sukkos


President Donald Trump’s eldest daughter Ivanka, husband Jared Kushner and their family, were spotted walking to Shul on Thursday, the first day of Sukkos.

The family departed their home in Washington DC’s Kalorama neighborhood, accompanied by Secret Service members, enroute to the Friends of Lubavitch Synagogue.

Jared carried the Arba Minim, while children Arabella, 6, Joseph, 3, and Theodore, 1, rode scooters.

Both Ivanka and Jared serve as senior advisors to the President.

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  1. They’ve always gone to the chabad shul off Connecticut Avenue….the “other shul” is not their shul…its the pre-school of Adas Israel, where there youngest child attends a few mornings a week. Whatever your politics, the Kushner/Trump family has conducted themselves with great dignity and tried to give the kids a quasi normal life…parents of the other kids in the yeshiva the older girl attends have been vocal in not imposing a overbearing security presence in the school location on 16th street and they’ve been reasonably satisfied that its not disrupting the regular patterns

  2. It’s cool to see two Jewish members of the U.S. President’s immediate family observing mitzvos in public.

    (But who’s that mean-looking guy following them? Someone should tell the Secret Service about him!)

  3. A large segment of humanity feels the need to follow every detail of the lives of the latest “celebrity”. Except for those whose judgment is warped by politics, untold millions of people regard the Kushners with admiration and respect. Every byte and pixel devoted to them is at the expense of the Kardashians. Ivanka’s wardrobe may not be up to Boro Park standards, but at least you won’t ever see her wearing handcuffs, unlike all too many “frum” Jews in the news.