DISTURBING: Jerusalem Bus Driver Shouts And Spits At 10-Year-Old Child On Bus [VIDEO]



In this most disturbing video, we see how the bus driver, who is enraged, shouts at and spits at a 10-year-old who we hear saying “I am sorry” as he is being traumatized by the driver. The child’s apologies go unnoticed as the driver’s rage continues without mercy.

After an official complaint was filed with police, the driver was dismissed from his place of employment B”H.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. I cannot believe we have 3 comments in a row saying they need to see what the 10 year old did… is there anything that would deem this proper professional behavior at a 10 year old?

  2. when a bus drivers ‘looses’ his cool and gets to such a degree of anger, he can cause a very serious accident. Egged was correct in firing such a poorly behaving driver, he is a danger to all, whether on the bus or on the sidewalk.

    Thank G-d some one videoed his intense out burst….

  3. We see both sides of the story very clearly here. The driver presents his side of the story as coherently as he possibly can in this 39-second video. He is obviously mentally unstable and should not be driving a bus with children aboard. Nothing at all could ever possibly justify an outburst like that.
    You can see in the video he is a very large man, his head nearly reaches the ceiling. What might he have done in another situation, chas veshalom?

  4. I’m sure the child is not innocent. But he is a CHILD and kept apologizing. And spitting at anyone is a disgusting act. Absolutely right, he should be instantly dismissed – I’ll bet he did this before. Whoever took the video, please give us the full story.

  5. And furthetmore…imho social services should REALLY be checking up on this guy’s immediate family. If he has one. There may be an abusive matzav which would require intervention. Thiz kid is a total stranger and triggered such an outburst. Check on his family!

  6. The driver is an Arab. No question about that. Anybody that lives in Israel can easily hear his Arabic accent. For the life of me, I can’t understand why the bus companies risk the lives of thousands Jews every day by hiring Arab bus drives to service our routes. I dread the day an Arab driver uses the opportunity to kill a bus load of Jews by driving the bus over a cliff or the like, Chalila V’Chas!
    Furthermore, I have experienced more than once an Arab bus driver who is both rude and easy to anger. That doesn’t mean that all Arab drivers are bad or dangerous. However, it is extremely difficult to distinguish whose who and what their true feelings are towards Jews. I have no problem hiring Arab drivers to service Arab routes or for tourist buses, but for intercity buses or lines that travel over bridges or near cliffs it’s suicidal and irresponsible in my mind!
    As far as all those above crying, “One sided story!”, consider that it is unlikely that the bus company would fire him so fast without having heard the other side and having investigated the incident. Doing unjustly so would open opportunity for a big law suit which I’m sure they would not be interested in. Also, if there was any question involved they could have put him on temporary paid leave of absence until the case was fully investigated. Obviously, the was an open and shut case. Clearly “Bad Driver” with unprofessional and dangerous behavior!

  7. OK, the driver really lost it and when he spat to show his contempt he surely crossed a red line – but I bet that kid won’t be spilling his juice on a bus or otherwise defacing public property ever again.

  8. Reading the comments defending the driver and condemning the child, I at first suspected the commenters just hated children. Now I see that they are motivated instead by common garden-variety anti-Semitism. I stand corrected. Seriously, people, wake up.