Har HaMenuchos Cemetery in Yerushalayim Gets A Face Lift


The municipality of Yerushalayim is conducting construction and repair work on the Har HaMenuchot cemetery. The cost of the project is being estimated at 7 million NIS. The work, which is being carried out by the Moriah construction company, will include putting in a guard booth at the entrance, redong the road that winds through the Bais Hakvaros, renewing the staircases. Fixing sidewalks, and other smaller projects such as building shade stations for when Hespeidim are carried out by the Kevarim, have begun and will be part of the overall improvement of the site.

The financing for the operations will come from the Jerusalem Municipal council and from the Committee for the Betterment of Graveyards. During the first shift of work, most of it will be centralized around the main entrance. Special traffic arrangements are being put in place to ensure the safety of those still using the Bais Hakvaros.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)