MORE EGGING IN BORO PARK: Mother And Child Egged By Pack Of Anti-Semitic Thugs – FIFTH INCIDENT


A fifth anti-Semitic egging took place in Boro park on Sunday afternoon, brining the number of attacks this weekend to five.

Boro PArk Shomrim released footage of the latest attack. Watch how an innocent mother and child are walking down the street, when a pack of anti-Semitic animals approach them from behind, throw eggs, and run away.

As YWN reported earlier. several Boro Park locations were targeted in a Motzei Shabbos “egging spree,” the latest in a string of hate crimes targeting Hasidic Jews.

Boro Park Shomrim tweeted “Shomrim volunteers and police are on scene investigating the egging of a shul on Dahill Road.”

The one Dahill Rd area that were egged include a Shul, girls school, bus, and multiple residences, the report said. Khal Bnei Torah Sanz, was one target.

Boro Park Shomrim released video footage of an egg being thrown at the Sanzer Bais Medrash.

The group of youths are seen passing the Shul, and when the door is opened, an egg was hurled inside. They managed to get away prior to fast-responding Boro Park Shomrim and NYPD.

The Belzer girls school in the area was targeted as well.

The report said police are investigating the incidences.

This latest attack comes just one day after one suspect turned himself in from last Shabbos’  attacks, which targeted at least four separate people – in four separate locations.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. @YWN Why have you stopped blasting the Mayor in your articles? His insane policies on crime and “fairness” are the direct cause of these attacks. He doesn’t care about the frum unless its election season. Continue to call him out as the race panderer that he is.

  2. The Mayor has got to do something to bring these little coward nigros to behave themselves. If this is how they act as kids, can you just imagine how they are going to act as adults?

  3. Should it be a federal crime to throw eggs if they were purchased with federal aid?

    And if the targetted persons could catch the eggs in a pot or pan, they could have free omelletes. Admittedly, getting the shells out of the broken eggs is tricky but well worth the try.

  4. YWN, I think allowing racist terminology on your site is a bad idea, considering that anyone can read this site – and there are surely some people from outside our community who do. Therefore, I think you should either take down or redact Not Getting Involved’s comment above. Thank you.

  5. In the picture, the assailants seem to be muslim teenagers. In my opinion, it would be a good idea to sit down with local Muslim community leaders and discuss a solution. I highly doubt that the adults are perpetrators and at least they know it’s in their interests to prevent these things from happening. Open dialogue is the first step, and if diplomacy fails then counter offensive measures are appropriate.