UK Ambassador to Israel Visits Achim, Bnei Brak


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UK Ambassador to Israel Neil Wigan visited Achim Global’s business center in Bnei Brak last Thursday, to hear what’s new with haredi entrepreneurs. The visit comes as part of the British Embassy’s ongoing interest in promoting entrepreneurism within the haredi community and improving its economy overall.

Chairman of Achim Global Motti Eichler took the ambassador on a tour of the premises, beginning with the panoramic view from the rooftop deck on the ninth floor of the building, which overlooks Bnei Brak and Gush Dan. Eichler noted that Achim is a focal point for business and ingenuity, positively impacting the haredi economy and the Israeli economy at large – not only by promoting entrepreneurs and local businesses but by fostering connections between haredi entrepreneurs and business owners, and business people around the world. The ambassador was duly impressed by the shared workspace facilities which are fully adapted to the norms and needs of its haredi members.

In the lecture hall, Eichler welcomed Ambassador Wigan on behalf of Achim’s Founder and President Marc Schimmel, who unfortunately couldn’t attend. He spoke about how our moral compass, received at Har Sinai, preceded our entering the Land, demonstrating that there can be no material success without the requisite moral standards. He spoke, further, of the shared interests and values of the UK and Israel, and expressed his appreciation for the British Embassy’s commitment and partnership in growing haredi economy.

Following Eichler, fellow Achim team members took to the podium to present various insights on haredi entrepreneurship and the developing world of business.
Yehuda Adler spoke about digital marketing, its impact on haredi businesses and its yet untapped potential. Jay Bragg, who heads a school for teaching English, spoke about the indispensability of English in business. Moshe Katz spoke about what e-commerce has to offer businesspeople, and what this means for haredi entrepreneurs in 2020. Sales and marketing expert Kobi Rothenberg pointed to the influx of freelancers in the business world and emphasized the positive contribution of freelancing on the haredi population by bypassing the challenge of working in environments that are often inconsistent with cultural values.

Up-and-coming entrepreneur Aaron Breuer, CEO of SelfCad, presented his responsive, no-training-necessary software that enables easy 3D modeling and printing. In his words, “what Wix did for the web design industry, SelfCad is doing for the 3D CAD industry.”
In his closing remarks, the ambassador said how duly impressed he was by Achim’s initiative and enterprising resourcefulness, emphasizing the positive relationship and cooperation between the UK and haredi startup entrepreneurs and expressing his hope that this collaboration will continue to grow in the future.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)