WILD STORY! Divorced Couple Meets At Bar-Mitzvah & Decides To Remarry, Rav Performs Kiddushin In Middle Of Bar-Mitzvah [VIDEOS]


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An exceptionally unusual story occurred this week at a simcha hall in Beit Shemesh, B’Chadrei Charedim reported. Two of the guests who were invited to a bar mitzvah one evening were a previously married couple who had divorced.

The two, who apparently had no idea they would be seeing each other at the event, sat down to talk and after a long discussion, decided to remarry.

Harav Shalom Sabag was present at the event and was familiar with the couple from the past. When he heard that the couple decided to remarry he decided it wasn’t wise to delay and he prepared to marry them right there and then.

In middle of the simchas Bar Mitzvah, a white tablecloth was spread on the floor as a rug, a tallis was used for a chupah and Harav Sabag performed the kiddushim for the couple in front of the shocked guests.

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“I’ve been a DJ at simchos for 18 years at simchos and I’ve never seen anything like this,” Yochai Adari told B’Chadrei Chareidim. “In the middle of the bar mitzvah I suddenly saw a tallis being held up as a chupa and standing underneath is a couple that the Rav married without any prior warning.”

“It was an astonishing sight and totally unexpected but very intriguing,” Adari added.

A guest that was at the event and knows the couple told B’Chadrei Chareidim: “It was a complete shock. They each arrived alone and they left as a happily remarried couple.”

“From what I understood they had no idea they would see each other there but when they did they sat down and talked and decided to remarry. Rav Sabag saw them and decided not to delay and marry them right there and then.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. @fakenews, if you are worried about Dam Chimud and Chuppas Niddah, they were married before to each other, so both of these Hallochois would not cause any yichud issues.

  2. @fakenews, I was wondering the same thing. Then I read carefully and see he did “kiddushin” not necessarily nisuin. So maybe there’s that.

  3. Wait! What about making sure she didn’t marry a second time to a different man, before immediately re-marrying her to her original husband? That would be against Halacha!

  4. Folks, just be happy for them and wish them well. What’s done is done, let them rebuild their bayis ne’eman b’yisrael.

    Invei hagefen b’invei hagefen…Davar Na’eh, U’MISKABEL!

  5. Who wins as the biggest Meshugeneh of the three; the Rabbi, Female, or Male?
    It’s a very close call.
    Maybe your readers should vote on it.

  6. If they get devoted again right away everyone will say the rabbi was too hasty. If they stay married for 5 years, everyone will say he was right. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  7. Wow they saved big bucks on a suit, gown,flowers, wedding hall,catering,photography,invitations……very smart move !!!
    on a serious note, there must be more to this story than what we know

  8. WRONG WRONG WRONG. He forced it, didnt give them a chance to be sure. This is not finding a ride after a Bar Mitsva and jumping into it. Sad. I hope it works out this time but the “rabbi” is very irresponsible.

  9. I hope this is Purim shtick. This couple must have gotten divorced for a reason. One conversation and all is well? Seriously?? I hope there are no children involved. What a totally irresponsible and ridiculous thing to do. How about some counseling to see if whatever the issues were originally, were fixed? That Rabbi should have his smicha revoked. Weird!!!

  10. WEIRD AND WHACKY STORY! Did the Chatan just happen to be carrying a spare wedding ring for her at the time? Or did he do the kidushin using his portion of food from the BarMitzvah?

  11. I hope they will have a beautiful marriage together! May HKBH be with them all along the way and may they have much success and happiness. And I hope am I wrong about my two comments above. To the chatan and kallah: STICK TO IT EVERY DAY AND IT WILL PAY!

  12. The story clearly says that this rav knows them well. It’s possible they discussed remarrying several times before meeting at this bar mitzvah but always got cold feet. There is certainly more to this story than what is being shared with the entire world. Let’s not jump to conclusions here.

  13. There’s no downside only upside to this story. Worst case scenario is they’ll divorce again and be no worse off than if they never remarried. Best case scenario is they’ll live happily ever after. So it’s very much well worth it.

    And there’s a special mitzvah to remarry the spouse you divorced. So it’s doubly-good.

  14. Wow, the lack of love and respect you are all showing in the month of Adar which is part and parcel of the Chag of Purim is astonishing.

  15. She looks EXTREMELY NERVOUS and uncomfortable, think of it when you go to a chupa, the kallah is usually radiant and smiling or on 7th heaven this one looks like shes at a funeral.

  16. A similar but not so similar story. I was driving a sephardi rabbi, and he was i. The phone. He told the other end, he was at a wedding, and there was a divorced couple there who told him that they were “meeting up” a few times after the divorce. He had the remarried that wedding. It was kinda more private though, not a crowd

  17. To be fair, have you ever actually seen a kallah’s face under the chuppah? usually covered by a veil… many kallahs are serious as they daven and contemplate the weight of this commitment and marriage. quite normal.

  18. What’s he saying in Bracha???

    Asher kideshanu bemotzvotav vetzivanu al ha arayot________vehitir lanu et ha arusot_________. ????????

  19. Harav Shalom Sabag decided it wasn’t wise to delay This decision is דעת-תורה so of-course it was the right thing/decision to proceed immediately with this Marriage, and thank the מלך-העולם for having engineered this decision and juggled all the jigsaw pieces in place, this past ראש-השנה