A Hidden Victim: Israeli Teenager Dies Due To Avoiding ER


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An Israeli teenager passed away over Pesach due to meningitis caused by a severe ear infection that wasn’t properly treated due to her fear of contracting the coronavirus, a Channel 12 News report said.

Yam Kirdi, 19, of Nes Harim, a moshav near Jerusalem, went to a health clinic a few weeks ago when she feeling ill. The clinic advised her to go to the emergency room.

However, Kirdi, who lived with a friend, avoided going to the hospital due to fear of contracting the coronavirus. Instead, she requested a home visit by a doctor. The doctor who came to examine her found she had a severe ear infection and prescribed her medication and also advised her to go to the emergency room for more tests. But again, Kirdi was scared to go.

Unfortunately, her situation deteriorated and when she began having trouble breathing, her friend called MDA in a panic. However, by the time MDA got there, it was too late. Kirdi has lost consciousness and the paramedics could not revive her.

Under normal circumstances, if Kirdi would have gone to the emergency room, she would have been hospitalized and received IV antibiotic treatment and may well have recovered, the report said.

Initially, it was believed that Kirdi may have passed away due to the coronavirus but tests came back negative, confirming that she died from a severe case of bacterial meningitis.

However, it can be said that unfortunately, Kirdi was one of the hidden victims of the coronavirus.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)