PHOTO ESSAY: Discrimination in Boro Park And Flatbush


Walking around the commercial retail hubs of the Jewish Orthodox neighborhood in Brooklyn on Tuesday, an observer might surmise based on the enforcement action of government officials that the COVID-19 pandemic only affects Jews.


  1. I am not aware of jews being handed fines for not wearing a mask in public. In fact, the law in ny is that you only have to wear a mask outside if you are in crowded places. There is no doubt NY is discriminating against jews but these pictures miss the mark.

  2. This is a pretty misleading headline. 90% of these pictures are random people just chilling in Brooklyn. There is obvious discrimination, but this photo essay has nothing to do with it.

  3. remember to kick out all the Democrats from office. they are responsible for all these shenanigans. the governor , mayor of NY , NJ , CONN are all democs. every antisemite find an open. arm in that rotten so called party. we should know better. we can see what they stand for, everything opposite of the Torah. don’t support them

  4. So much for racial profiling and disparate impact. I think all 50 states messed up, but only the one seems to have open racists in power from what we can see at this moment.

  5. Gevalt! A virus invaded the Jewish community. A virus of feeling offended and discriminating. Half of the country is already affected and now this disease entered the community…

    This virus enters eyes and ears when a person is within 6 ft from a computer or TV screen. Older people are infected from newspapers. It then affects the brain, leading to twitching of fingers that start typing DISCRIMI…

    You could have learned a lot of Torah if you stop searching for people without masks all over Brooklyn. Just put on yours and go learn.

  6. Yidden wake up. This is just one example of Jews being singled out. We are in times of turmoil. Only this week an entire Jewish run office in Williamsburg was replaced with hoodlums under the guidance of an antisemitic investigator of the Dept of Labor. She ran a campaign of terror and antisemitism to oust the Jews. Unfortunately, these days it can happen and it did!! Wake up!! It happened pre-world war ll when Jewish businesses were confiscated and it is happening now in the United States.

  7. Let’s move in thirty million Chinese into America. This would massively reduce the crime rate on the street. Chinese are family oriented hard working people. Use the Democrats to outwit their own evil. Flood Brooklyn with Chinese. It saved Boro park. Reduced massive crime that was happening in the 1980s. Hayovin maven.