Watch: Chareidi Antwerp: Gaza Twins With Palestinian Flags Provoke Residents


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Twin Palestinians from Gaza living in Belgium posted a video of themselves rollerblading through an Antwerp Chareidi neighborhood on Shabbos holding a Palestinian flag and provoking residents, JTA reported.

The twins, Adham and Amjad Salah, were detained and questioned by the Belgian police on Tuesday evening following a complaint of alleged harassment and intimidation, filed by the Forum of Jewish Organizations in the Flemish region.

The police warned the twins to halt their provocative actions.

The video, which was posted on YouTube over the weekend by the twins, who call themselves “Skate Twins,” received millions of views but has since been made private. The video opened with the words: “The Jewish holy day and Adham & Amjad, the Palestinian twins from Gaza, are back in the Jewish quarter in Antwerp, Belgium.”


A quick glance at social media shows that this was not the first such video the twins have posted. They have a YouTube channel with hundreds of thousands of followers and have posted at least one other previous video of themselves provoking Chareidi residents, which has also since been made private.


The twins fled Gaza about two years ago, reaching Belgium via Turkey and reportedly receiving political asylum and settling in the Antwerp area.

Israel’s ambassador to Belgium, Emmanuel Nachshon, condemned the twins as “morons.”

“Watch two morons provoke innocent dwellers in the Jewish neighborhood of Antwerp,” wrote Nachshon on Twitter. “Shameful, tasteless, cheap and childish provocation by two ‘heroes of the Palestinian cause.’”

Antwerp Mayor Bart De Wever said that the Salah twins are “importing foreign conflicts into Antwerp.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)