Snow Falls In Jerusalem, 250 Plows Waiting, Massive Storm Hits North [VIDEOP ROUNDUP]

Snow plow clears roads on Golan Heights after heavy snow fall on Wednesday. (Photo: Fahdi Amun). Past snowstorm in Jerusalem. (Photo: Kobi Har Tzvi); Snow falls in J-m. (Photo: Joshua Trauring)

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Jerusalem children spent the day Wednesday in excited anticipation for a rare snowstorm in the capital city, although some of the excitement was lost due to a “snow day” from school just being another day at home during the pandemic

The abrupt change from almost summer-like weather, which Jerusalem has enjoyed for weeks, began on Tuesday night, when temperatures began to drop and heavy rain began falling throughout the country. Israel’s coast had heavy overnight rainstorms and snow began falling in northern Israel in the early hours of Wednesday morning, blanketing areas of Ramat HaGolan and the Upper Galil.

The Golan Heights had more snow by Wednesday afternoon than it’s had in years and at least nine highways in northern Israel were blocked to traffic. The entrance to the city of Tzfat is also blocked.

Temperatures continued to drop throughout the day on Wednesday, with occasional snow flurries falling in Jerusalem in the early afternoon. At 3:30 p.m., snow began to fall in earnest but heavier snow that will stick is only expected at about 8 p.m. (some forecasters say midnight), with about 10 centimeters expected to accumulate.

Wind gusts in Israel are expected to reach a height of between 80 to 100 kilometers per hour (50-62 miles) on Wednesday and waves are forecast to reach eight (26 feet) meters in height. There are flood warnings in coastal and low-lying areas.

An elderly man in Tel Aviv was injured on Wednesday from a tree branch knocked down by strong winds. In Jerusalem, a tree fell on a public bus.

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion said on Tuesday that the municipality is prepared for the snow, with 250 snow plows and salt trucks prepared to hit the roads. Municipality workers have also made efforts to locate any homeless people and stepped up welfare visits on vulnerable residents.

The Tel Aviv beach on Wednesday morning:

Below: Tzfat mayor Shuki Ohana pleads with residents of the city to stay at home and not try to drive in the snow:

Below, an IDF soldier can be seen carrying out a training drill in heavy snow on the Chermon on Wednesday:

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)