You Won’t Believe these crazy flavors of hamantaschen are real!


Nothing wrong with strawberry, chocolate, and poppyseed. Even pizza and sushi hamantaschen are so last year. But we’re just saying, there’s always room for more hamantaschen innovation. These hamantaschen on are crazy creative! Here’s just a sampling.

  1. Dror Elimelech. Blue Rock Hamantaschen. Yes, these are inspired by Breaking Bad. How cool do they look? Get the recipe.

2. Dunkaroos by Dini Klein. Talk about 90’s nostalgia! How fun is this for anyone that grew up in the 90’s! Get the recipe.

3. Another trend we love, drink inspired flavors- Perfect for Purim! Moscow Mule. Get the recipe.

4. Bloody Mary by Alison Gutwaks. To continue the drinks theme, we liked this one too!
Get the recipe.

5. Luxury breakfast: Esther Mendelevich
This one is pretty cool. Hash brown and sautéed onion crust filled with a runny egg yolk, crispy facon and topped with truffle pate. Get the recipe.

6. Green Tea Hamantaschen, Paula Shoyer,  This one is a little on the subtle side flavor-wise but pretty creative nonetheless. Get the recipe.

Alright! Now you’ve seen our favorites, check out the rest at!