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Race For Brooklyn District Attorney Heats Up

hynesThe race for Brooklyn district attorney is steadily heating up.

The past few weeks have seen a stream of attacks and harsh television and billboard ads.

Longtime incumbent Charles “Joe” Hynes lost the Democratic primary to former federal prosecutor Ken Thompson, but Hynes flipped sides to run on the GOP and conservative lines.

Thompson’s win marked the first time in a century a sitting Brooklyn district attorney was ousted, and he would be the borough’s first black DA. Hynes initially said he would make the transition smooth, but then later decided to actively campaign on the Republican and Conservative party lines.

Political experts say Hynes has a difficult road, in part because of a perceived anti-incumbent sentiment among voters.


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  1. jews will vote for hynes by the masses, now nov 5 if hynes beats thompson by a landslide again, then david greenfeld will NOT be able to take the credit for it because he now fliped over to support thompson., probaly hikind will take the credit….

  2. those memebrs of our community who want to further hamper the police will vote for Thompson/ Please recall that he wants to place an assistant DA in every precint to monitor whether the patrolman are following the no stop and frisk rules. Imagine a cop faced with an emergency who now has to think twice or 3 timwes whether he will be second guessed and sued.As a citizen of tghis city I surely dont want that to occur. how about you?

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