IDF Stops Drug Smuggling Into Israel, Confiscates 220 Pounds Of Drugs

Around 100 kilograms of drugs that were intercepted during a smuggling attempt from Egypt, January 8, 2022 (Israel Defense Forces)

On Friday night, alert IDF troops along the Egyptian border made a huge drug bust after spotting a number of suspects trying to smuggle illicit drugs across the Egyptian-Israeli border.

According to reports in Israeli media, the smuggling attempt involved nearly 220 pounds of drugs, (100 kilograms) and resulted in the confiscation of the illegal narcotics.

The smugglers were first spotted by IDF observation teams who then sent soldiers guarding the border to intercept the smugglers before they made their way into Israeli territory.

The total value of the drugs was estimated as being worth 2 million NIS.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)