Judge Finds Trump in Contempt in Legal Fight with NY AG; To Be Fined $10,000 A DAY

Donald Trump (AP Photo/Joe Maiorana)

A New York judge found former President Donald Trump in contempt of court Monday for failing to adequately respond to a subpoena issued by the state’s attorney general as part of a civil investigation into his business dealings.

Judge Arthur Engoron ordered Trump to pay a fine of $10,000 per day.

“Mr. Trump, I know you take your business seriously, and I take mine seriously,” Engoron said before issuing the ruling from the bench in a Manhattan courtroom, following a hearing.

New York Attorney General Letitia James, a Democrat, had asked the court to hold Trump in contempt after he missed a March 31 court-imposed deadline to turn over documents.

Trump, a Republican, has been fighting James in court over her investigation, which he has called a politically motivated “witch hunt.”

Trump spokespeople did not immediately respond to a request for comment.



  1. Its not a chidush to hold him in contempt. Presumably, he will find some way to avoid paying his fines, just as he has avoided paying his taxes and a lot of his contactors. Bankruptcy, however, will generally not erase a court imposed fine. Whether you can discharge a fine in bankruptcy depends on the nature of the charge or what it is intended to accomplish. If the fine is penal in nature as in the case here (i.e. the fine is intended to punish for wrongdoing) the fine cannot be discharged in in a Chapter 7 filing. On the other hand, if the fine is designed to compensate the government for its pecuniary (monetary) loss, you can discharge it in bankruptcy.

  2. I am hereby placing an incantation on both latitia james ימח שמה וזכרונה and upon arthur engoron ימח שמו וזכרונו two of the just about the most vile despicable creatures in all of the land of America, and no:- latitia james is anything but doing her job:- I refer you to the despicable crime wave in the jurisdiction she is supposed to be attending to.

  3. Money is about the only thing this immoral lying adulterer cares about, after his own sick desire for his image. One of the most corrupt men in modern history, the most dangerously corrupt imbecile ever to sit in the Oval office.

  4. This is not good news for anybody that cares about abuse of power by Government officials. But it is the beginning of the end for Mr. Trump. I hope to be wrong but these people are out to see him behind bars, nothing less. We should not be surprised if they succeed.

  5. The end of American Democracy – her enemies have almost defeated her last chance at salvation.
    They will stop at nothing!

    All Americans are next – the new Russia – they wont stop until all Americans are extinct

  6. We already have here in America, a very similar thing to the Soviet Union- where ppl are afraid to speak in public about certain things – afraid to have their lives destroyed. Some ppl are even afraid to think

  7. RT, you have a chutzpah talking about “dangerous corrupt imbeciles”. You are talking about yourself.

    This judge is corrupt, and James is corrupt, and they will all be exposed and end up in misery.

  8. Irrespective of Trump, Engoron is an absolute disgrace to the Justice System. He should be carted out and held somewhere without bail because he is, without a doubt, an imbecile of epic proportions. I’ve seen him in action and have seen his decisions and they make Peter Griffin and Homer Simpson qualify as legitimate Supreme Court candidates.

  9. Any federal judge ruling against Trump on any issue, anytime, at either the trial or appellate level should be removed from office. Trumpkopf legislators and candidates have now reached the point that they’ve claimed that “he” is G-d’s messenger to save America and by acting against “him”, a judge is attacking G-d and thus should not be allowed to continue in office. One Republican Congressman actually promised to impeach this judge if they retake the House in November (until reminded that the House has no ability to impeach a state judge).