VIOLENCE AT MERON: Conflict At Site Between Bochurim & Police


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Conflicts broke out on Thursday at Meron between a group of yeshivah bochurim and police at the site.

The bochurim arrived at the site for the last day of bein hazemanim, Erev Rosh Chodesh Iyar, and began dancing and singing on the roof of the tzion.

For some reason, the police ordered the bochurim to leave and that’s when the conflict began.

A police statement said: “Young Chareidi extremists came to Kever Rashbi in Meron and began violent riots that included an attempt to destroy the new infrastructure that was built for the upcoming Lag B’Omer while disturbing the public and the mispallelim who were present. The extremist youth forcefully violated the police officers’ instructions, threw objects at them, and refused to leave. Many police forces were rushed to the site, four suspects were arrested and additional arrests are expected.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I don’t buy into the notion that Israeli police have antagonism to Chareidim. Forty-five people died at Meron on Lag B’Omer last year, and police and others are trying to prevent a recurrence of that tragedy. I can only invoke the n-word (nudniks) to describe the bochurim who attacked the police.

  2. A Yeshiva Bachur is someone that really and truly wants to sit and learn. Even if a Bachur learns in the morning and he works in the afternoon, he is still a Yeshiva Bachur. Any person that is starting up with the police, he knows very very well that he might end up in the hospital. If he is in the hospital, how does he plan to learn with his Chavrusa this coming Sunday morning. Oh you mean he is taking a chance, he hopes for the best. If he had a serious job during the day, would he take a chance and fight with the Police. A normal Yeshiva Bachur would not even think about fighting with the Police. If you are in the hospital, how are you going to learn with your Chavrusa.

  3. Watching these videos of all the men moving around so close to each other makes my heart hurt, brings back the horrible memories of the people struggling at Meron r”l… can’t get those images out of my mind. May all their neshamos have menucha

  4. Hashem YeRachem. We need to teach, model and expect better behavior from our Bnei Torah. The lessons of Sefiras HaOmer shouldnt be repeated.

  5. Is anybody with a half a brain going to believe this anti-semitic article? It’s like for no reason people start up with the police? if anyone knows the history of this stupid government and police system which is communist they will know that the police are insane they are told to act this way against religious people and must be stopped!
    Of course people who hate the religious Jews will be very behind this because they’re ignorant and it pains them to know that the religious people are living the real life.

  6. Whatever the police say, I believe the opposite. So… let’s see, the police were destroying infrastructure and more of them will be arrested… no, no… wait, this opposite thing is complicated… hmmm… how do I work this out…?

  7. I don’t condone the way these “bochurim” are acting, but the hatred in the police is evident and makes you wonder what really happened last year and if the new regulations this year are because they really care or because they want it to look like they care.

  8. Any of you freaks care seeing that knee on the neck or only the George Floyd video made you cry? (I have no clue who’s right or wrong but it kind of says something about you if you’re one of the lost souls who were all into ‘racial justice’ by the rioting and then you get triggered automatically when seeing hafganos and stuff)

  9. The bochurim must fight back and repel this open antagonism the police display. Each officer should be charged with assault as well as violating the citizens’ basic rights.

  10. The police are the violent ones-look carefully at the videos. The government want to turn Lag B’omer into a chiloni holiday. They want to get the frum Jews out of there. Of course a reacurrance of last year’s tragedy has to be prevented but this does not justify the police violence seen in these videos. A couple of men dancing on the roof? So what? The government has gone so far as to say there will be no food this there this year. Why not? It bothers them that the cheraidim have the biggest machnis orchin to be found anywhere? Yes, it bothers them. Why? Because it is so Jewish, so frum, so beautiful. They said that the building wasn’t safe. So by all means, take it down. BUT build another one.

  11. “For some reason, the police ordered the bochurim to leave and that’s when the conflict began.”
    what reason?
    these aggressive, power hungry police officers…