SHOCKING: Trump Said Pence “Deserved” to be Hanged; Ivanka Agreed that Election Wasn’t Stolen [VIDEO]

FILE - Violent insurrectionists loyal to President Donald Trump stand outside the U.S. Capitol in Washington on Jan. 6, 2021. The public hearings of the House committee investigating the insurrection pose a challenge to Democrats seeking to maintain narrow control of Congress. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana, File)

In the first public hearing Thursday night from the House Select Committee investigating the events of January 6th of last year, several shocking revelations were made.

In one, Rep. Liz Cheney, one of just two Republicans on the committee, revealed that upon hearing rioters shout “Hang Mike Pence!” then-President Trump said “our supporters have the right idea” and that “Pence deserved it.”

Cheney also revealed that Ivanka Trump, who was a senior adviser to Donald over the course of his presidency, said that she believed Attorney General Bill Barr when he said there was no evidence that Trump’s claims of election fraud were true.

The hearing is still ongoing as of this writing.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Ms Chaney’s presentation was amazing and the never before seen videos built quite a strong case of the allegation that the attack on the Capital was planned and coordinated.

  2. The election was stolen despite what Ivanka may have or may have not agreed to. You may have to look a bit deeper than AP to see the steady stream of proof coming out of various states. Wish YWN wouldn’t bring such liberally slanted “news”. (I would settle for half…)

  3. SHTISSEM !!!
    A laughing stock !!
    Instead of helping the American people with their economic struggle , that Biden has created, the Democrats are searching for scapegoats to blame their misfortunate policies.

  4. Congress is Busy !! Busy !!!
    The Democrats are busy, trying to divert the American peoples attention of their troubling policies.
    They think of the American as too foolish to see their selfish intention.

  5. Record high inflation, crime rates, illegal immigration, war drums beating, economy tanking, formula shortage, pandemic lingering, food shortages looming, Iran getting nuclear weapons, North Korea and Russia threatening us, China overtaking us, and the Democrats are still wasting our time and money on their obsessive hatred of Trump. These people are crazy.

  6. Trump tends to talk impulsively but his actions speak louder than his words. America wanted a different kind of President and they got it. Now its back to “normal” with Biden and I’m not sure that’s an improvement.

  7. Poor Ivanka
    Nebach Mishnah in Avos says ‏ ‏יהיו מתונים בדין
    That’s another example to show you that we’re in גלות

  8. What a lying piece of dreck. But even she didn’t say what the lying headline of this lying piece of so-called reporting claims.

    Cheney did not claim that Trump said Pence deserved to be hanged. That is a claim invented by the writer of this headline, which is… YWN. You can’t blame headlines on AP.

    Nor did Cheney claim that Ivanka Trump agreed the election wasn’t stolen. Not even Barr claims it wasn’t stolen, so Ivanka T can hardly “agree” with him on that! Again, YWN simply lies. Shame.

  9. This headline is misleading, there is no video of Trump saying these things. The video in the article is even more ambiguous as Cheney gives no context for the trump quote.
    This is why people hate the fake news media.
    I’m not putting it past trump to say such things but the press has a responsibility to report things accurately.

  10. Let’s be real, trump made America great and Biden made America a joke of a country. Any שוטא who doesn’t realize this needs to wake up.

  11. hahaha, Produced by a former ABC producer! A show & some of you morons believe it, ya cudda just watch the SyFy channel instead of listening to that pig Cheney. I wish she would go hunting with Dad! Boy how has Uncle Joe worked out for ya. The real Coup d’état was the phony dossier that the Klintons & their cohorts fabricated. TRUMP WON, TRUMP WAS RIGHT!

  12. And your source for this is the deranged liz cheney (No capital letters for her, she is too much a lowlife)? Seriously! Anyone with half a brain tied behind their back knows that she is a liar, and the democrats puppet. I would love an investigation to see what she is being paid for her “testimony”.

  13. Its laughable but at the same time tragic when the only member of the Trumpkopf family with half a brain and some sliver of morality essentially agrees with Barr, the most conservative Attorney General in modern times, that the election was NOT stolen and Trump was being fed a stream of BS by crazy Rudy and his cronies. They can spin this all they want but there is a growing liklihood that DeSantis or some other non-mentally diminished Republican conservative will be the nominee in 24.

  14. Remember that this entire committee is illegitimate, because the House vote authorizing it specified that it must have five representatives from the minority, but the Speaker refused to seat the minority representatives duly appointed by the minority leader, and instead appointed two EX-Republicans who do NOT represent the minority AT ALL. The committee is all Democrats and is therefore illegitimate.

  15. Liz Cheney, who reminds me of a toad with lipstick, could say whatever it is that she wants to say. The facts prove otherwise. This is a show. This is a made-for-tv fiction show just like any other fake TV show . Pray that the Republicans take over in 2022 and do their own true investigation, using a lot of the testimony that was given, the testimony you’re not hearing because it’s being hidden by Nancy Pelosi and the clowns on that commission .

    On another issue, who cares what Ivanka thinks?!? She worked for the president. She was not the president. Her opinion does not make a difference. Let me change that, her public opinion or whatever it was she said to them makes no difference. Personally I firmly believe there was a tremendous amount of coercion to get people to say what they said that they probably really don’t believe .

    If you think for a second that Joe Biden got 80 million votes and that President Trump got 75 million or whatever it was, you are out of your mind. There is no way that Joe Biden got all those votes … LEGALLY. Remember, the key word here is legally. That’s a word to Democrats don’t want to use. They’ll never say that the votes were legal.

  16. Trump is and has always been an immoral, lying slime. He is the greatest enemy of the state since Jefferson Davis and makes Nixon look good.
    Anyone who thinks the election was “stolen” from him is living in a dream world.

  17. Katan kol hadoros wrote: Its laughable […] essentially agrees with Barr, the most conservative Attorney General in modern times, that the election was NOT stolen

    Liar. Barr has never asserted and does not believe that the election was not stolen. And neither has Ms Trump.

  18. Wait, links are allowed now?!

    In any case, Cheney did not claim that Trump said Pence “deserved” to be hanged. The YWN headline is simply a lie.

  19. America is finished….Hashem brought Torah to the Americas to be saved not necessary anymore….thankfully I am not an American so I think this is funny and as well sick…..if jews live there so are they