Please daven for Soro Bas Aliza (Click to read full situation)

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Soro Bas Aliza is currently facing a matzav that no one should ever have to endure. She is sick with the dreaded illness that has taken over her physical and mental wellbeing, the cost of which to cure is not covered by the Ministry of Health. CLICK HERE TO DONATE! 

Her families financial situation has worsened due to her illness since she requires constant care and supervision. The only treatment that can cause regression of the growth costs approximately 10,000 shekel a month. In the doctors’ opinion there is a big chance that with Hashem’s help she can overcome the illness within half a year.

Soro’s family is begging for help to all who are able to. Rabbi Chanoch Davidman of Ramat Beit Shemesh testifies to the integrity of the family, and in the merit of extending a hand, Hashem should bless you with health and parnassah, and have mercy on all Cholay Yisroel.