Russian-Israeli Businessman: “Jews Should Flee Russia As Soon As Possible”

Leonid Nevzlin Instagram

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Former Russian oligarch Leonid Nevzlin escaped Russia 20 years ago to Israel – in the nick of time to save his freedom. Back in Russia, his former colleagues and associates were arrested and thrown into prison on trumped-up charges, and Yukov, the oil company where he served as vice president, was dissolved by the government.

Since then, Russia has made numerous demands that Israel extradite Nevzlin for his alleged crimes. Israel has consistently refused the demands, citing a lack of evidence, and meanwhile, Nevzlin reestablished himself in Israel as a prominent businessman and philanthropist.

Nevzlin, who renounced his Russian citizenship following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, is now warning Jews to flee Russia as soon as possible.

“Israel should have no illusions about Russia, which has become a country unfriendly to Jews,” Nevzlin wrote last week on his Telegram channel. “It is enough to recall [Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s antisemitic statements.”

“The Jews must flee from Russia as soon as possible,” Nevzlin asserted. “And Israel should stop doubting and send weapons to Ukraine. Protecting democracy is our common cause.”

Commenting on Russia’s moves to close the Jewish Agency, Nevzlin claimed that Russia wants to prevent Jews from making aliyah due to Putin’s fear of a “brain drain.”

“But, as he often does lately, Putin will achieve the exact opposite: brains from Russia will not just flow, but will rush in a stream,” Nevzlin said. “This was already the case after the annexation of Crimea in 2014, which led to a new, ‘Putin’s aliyah’ – a stream of Russian Jews who no longer want to have anything to do with that country.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Public announcements like this will NOT help the Jews in Russia. He shouldn’t put Jews in danger just because he enjoys aggravating Russia due to a personal grudge.

  2. There is material difference between the Soviet Jews who came in 1970-90s. That was pidyon shevuyim. Now we are talking about people who were comfortable working for a dictator for twenty years. Now they are inconvenienced because of the sanctions or are afraid of a draft. We should be helping those coming from Ukraine and these guys can go volunteer in Ukrainian army first or at least bring some Putin banking papers with them.

  3. we should be helping our own…..we are leaving our own behind……..yes, comfortable working for a dictator speaks of all countries…..the Pope and African domains…really, help our own and let them help themselves out of our heads and pockets

  4. Of course, now that Lapid the rusha has called Putin just to tell him that Israel stands with Ukraine, a country that has murdered our grandparents and great-grandparents, without ever even acknowledging or apologizing for their atrocities, they won’t be safe there any longer.. But then again, nothing is happening without a reason. The rising antisemitism all over the world may be an indication that this is all HaShem’s doing, Who may have decided that the Jews’ time in golus is coming to an end.

  5. What a load of nonsense. Jews are in no danger in Russia. This person was in danger because of his personal dealings, nothing to do with his being a Jew. There was nothing at all antisemitic about Lavrov’s statement, so to use that to scare Jews is just dishonest. And Putin remains a philosemite.

    Closing the Jewish Agency is not an antisemitic move; it’s an arm of the Israeli government, so of course it is held responsible for Israel’s diplomatic positions. Other Jewish organizations that are not connected with the Israeli government, and are not siding with the Ukranian antisemites, have not been threatened at all.