STUNNING: Trump Demanded Generals Be Loyal to Him Like Hitler’s Generals

(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

President Donald Trump expressed a desire for top U.S. generals to be as loyal to him as Adolph Hitler’s generals were to the mass-murdering dictator, according to a new report from New Yorker magazine.

Trump was at first enamored with the idea of being commander-in-chief and being in charge of generals, but his relationship with many of them quickly soured as president.

“These were very untalented people and once I realized it, I did not rely on them, I relied on the real generals and admirals within the system,” Trump said.

His chief complaint about the generals, according to New Yorker, was that they weren’t blindly loyal to him.

“You [expletive] generals, why can’t you be like the German generals?” Trump at one point asked his Chief of Staff John Kelly.

“Which generals?” Kelly responded.

“The German generals in World War II,” Trump said.

“You do know that they tried to kill Hitler three times and almost pulled it off?” a stunned Kelly replied.

“No, no, no, they were totally loyal to him,” Trump insisted.

In another mindboggling incident, President Trump reportedly demanded that injured veterans not take part in a massive July 4th military parade he wanted to put on.

“I’d rather swallow acid,” Defense Secretary James Mattis said when Trump broached the idea of holding a huge military parade in Washington on Independence Day, with another general telling the president that such parades is “what dictators do.”

But Trump was insistent on the parade – as well as over his wish that injured war heroes don’t take part in it.

“Look, I don’t want any wounded guys in the parade,” Trump told Kelly. “This doesn’t look good for me.”

“Those are the heroes,” an incredulous Kelly shot back. “In our society, there’s only one group of people who are more heroic than they are – and they are buried over in Arlington.”

Kelly himself has a son who was killed in Afghanistan and is now buried in the military cemetery in Arlington.

“I don’t want them,” Trump repeated. “It doesn’t look good for me.”

The parade never ended up happening.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I actually believe this. From the start all the campaign ads with the “convenient” mistakes of placing german soldiers background instead of U.S soldiers, the whole Trump posture and facial expressions at rallies, and the fact that they revealed he studied mein kampf and had a book of Hitl*rs speeches by his bed were all warning signs. I was a fan of Trump but always skeptical by these odd occurrences but of course the sheep frumsters would shoot down my “paranoia” and praise Trump to the sky. “His daughter is Jewish” they would say. To that I answered Pharaohs daughter also converted how did that work out for the Jews, did it change Pharaohs mind who listened to noone but himself similar to Trump? He does have German roots btw and had “an amazing time” with his friends at the Yad Vashem museum. He might have good heart as he’s proved during his years as businessman, but power can influence and change anyone.

  2. Explain why frum Jews all over this country think it’s a religious obligation to support this ignorant, unintelligent fraudster. It’s a disgrace that they’re so easily fooled into believing his lies and stupidity.

  3. You’re all so easily fooled by a few ppls made up stories…..unbelievable!! Even w Biden killing the country, you’re still dead set on believing this garbage!!
    YWN- you’re obviously hardcore anti-trumpers & you’re feeling the pressure of bumbling Biden going down so clearly that you feel the need to say pure gossip. The silent majority was and still is w Trump. There is no president in history that was able to accomplish so much good and so quickly for America n the world & no one can deny it. Your gossip can’t take the place of pure accomplishments. You’re obviously trying too hard- try a smarter tactic next time!!

  4. We as religious Jews will vote again for Trump in 2024. He was the best president we Jews ever had. You sick lefty atheistic liberals only support gay marriage and abortions on demand. Trump has helped Israel and cut AID to the murdering PLO. He Freed Rubashkin. Biden and his liberal self hating JINOs gave the murdering Arabs the money Trump took away. That money is used to pay to slay Jews. Yes the PA gives the murdering terrorists money to their families. Shame on any Jew who opposes Trump.

  5. Whoever believes this is baseless libel directed at the most pro-Israel President EVER is just a mindless partisan kool-aid drinking sheep.

  6. Whoever believes this baseless libel directed at the most pro-Israel President EVER is just a mindless partisan kool-aid drinking sheep.

  7. Yep. He also practiced cannabalism in secret. And had his hair made into a swastika shape at night, but quickly returned to mormal in the morning. He also expressed his admiration for eagles, which leads us to suspect another deep rooted connection to natzis. In addition, in a suprising twist of fate, all the generals who didn’t like him to begin with, confirm these allegations

  8. Why is it that we have to be a Kofi Tov, yes there are things that look rather childish, but he has been the BEST president for the yidden in every way…

    Why has the YWN become a another conduit for the liberal Jew Haters propaganda machine?

    It’s very painful to watch yidden act this way

  9. To the golfer,
    Because frum Jews are too smart to believe nonsense quotes from trashy newspapers who constantly disparage Israel, frum Jews etc and prefer to look critically at policies and the current state of the country.

  10. I demand to see his college transcripts! Just like he demanded to see Obama’s birth certificate. What a complete ignorant dummy, not to mention dangerous.

  11. To Golfer: Because, unfortunately, many frum Jews have been raised to believe that they are not permitted to think for themselves. The “askanim” and “shvitzers” tell people that Trump is good and then everyone follows in lock-step.

  12. Yusell,
    Since you have nothing relevant to say,
    You go and attack frum Jews.
    Frum Jews are very much independent thinkers who are too smart to believe trashy newspapers and fake news media outlets and instead observe actual events performed and have an excellent situational awareness.

  13. Trump is not your regular citizen gone politician. He is a man of honor and integrity who rightly demands loyalty from his Forman and Generals alike.
    Anyone who has sold a popsicle understands what honorable means.
    In politics honorable is a breath from turn coat and spy for personal gain.
    This man’s is focused on cleaning the swamps of Washington.
    Pelosi and the rest of Washington Scums walk around and preach “I am Shomer israel” when in reality the have and will sale out the country for a wooden nickel.
    The weaponizing of DOJ, FBI AND IRS IS THE DOWNFALL OF USA brought by establishment politicians.

  14. The story doesn’t sound true. Hitler’s generals were not especially loyal to him, were frequently involved in planned coups and tried to kill him. Furthermore, while Trump tries to act like a clownish “man of the people”, he is in fact a well educated member of the upper class and in an environment where the basic history of World War II is well known. Unless he was being sarcastic or mocking, Trump wouldn’t encourage his generals to act towards him the way Wehrmacht generals acted towards Hitler (though he may have thought that many of them perceived him the way Hitler’s generals perceived Hitler, i.e., as an incompetent fool).

    The part about the military parade sounds more likely. Trump was never in the military (explaining his disdain for crippled soldiers) and in his business life always was looking for fancy ways of projecting an image that focused on appearance rather than substance. This would seem like the showmanship one expects from Trump.

  15. @y2r, “It’s very painful to watch yidden act this way”

    Yes, I agree. Yidden shouldn’t be making fun of people.

    Hmm… on second thought, I wonder why you don’t say the same when YWN makes fun of Biden.

    I guess you meant: “It’s very painful to watch Yidden make fun of conservative politicians”

    What in the world does that have to do with Yiddishkeit!?

  16. Funny – my non-religious liberal left leaning relative asked something similar to golfer. There are multiple answers but one may be that we believe actions are more credible than words. Trump’s actions supported the unique freedoms that make America such a hospitable country for Jews, and the right of E”Y to exist as a Jewish state. Biden and his puppeteer hegemonists are working hard to achieve totalitarianism, and support Iran, the PA and other terrorist institutions above Israel.
    Any other questions?

  17. Not as stunning as when the Generals leaked American military information to the General’s “Chinese counterpart” as they called it. Guess who has the hypersonic missiles now. Not these generals.

    What a shameful bunch.

  18. BREAKING NEWS POLITICS IS FAKE. everybody’s lying. and if you stress 5 seconds of your life about it k’ilu you can do something about it you are dumb. Just be happy we live in a pretty normal democracy, look around the world it could be worse. just vote for who rabbanim tell you to and forget about it.

  19. After careful examination of this report, and given liberal track record, we have concluded that this piece was actually written in Liberalese. An official translation is as follows: “We liberals have officially begun the 2024 Trump bashing festival. This, together with the flushy story and the FBI raid, is just the opening salvo”. Further analysis has shown that many liberals have been infected again in the second wave of Trump Derangement Syndrome, (or by its scientific name – Acute Trumpia Nervosa), with no cure or vaccine in sight. Experts caution citizens to ensure they don’t get bitten by infected liberals, as ATN can be highly contagious.

  20. rightwriter : Trump went to a military themed prep school where they dress up like soldiers. That is to a military school sort of what reinactors are to soldiers. He could easily have joined ROTC and been a real soldiers, but decided not to. That he went a prep school with a military theme suggests he definitely would have known about World War II (including about Rommel and Graf von Stauffenberg), which undermines the idea that he would have wanted to be treated by American generals the way Hitler was treated by German general.

  21. Please skip to 1:25 of video. Does Trump’s statement there make you uncomfortable? He’s proud of his German genes. The rest of the video includes how he says his genes are superior. Don’t get into the politics of the video and whether it’ a hit piece, etc. Just look at 1:25 (the end) and does it bother you knowing about his various unbstantiated Hitler comments.

  22. Fake News…Liberal media gave us this incompetant senile Biden. Stop crucifying Trump. America is going down the toilet.
    YWN reports as if it is fact. It is liberal drival.

  23. I support President Trump.

    I do not agree of most of what he does but I will support him nonetheless for this upcoming election.

    – Best President the Yidden have had in a long while.