WHO’S WEARING A WIRE? Trump Terrified He May Have a Rat in His Midst


Donald Trump is reportedly scared stiff that people around him – even his professed allies – are wearing wires to record the things he says, with the former president believing that there might be a “rat” in his midst.

As investigations into Trump grow, so is his wariness of the people around him, two people close to him told Rolling Stone. He’s recently asked close allies if they think his communications are being monitored by the feds or “by Biden,” according to sources.

“He has asked me and other, ‘Do you think our phones are being tapped?'” one Trump associate said. “Given the sheer volume of investigations going on into the president, I do not think he’s assuming anything is outside the realm of possibility.”

“He’s talked about this seriously,” the source added, “but I know of one time when he made a joke that was something like, ‘Be careful what you say on the phone!'”

On several occasions over the past few months, Trump has wondered whether Republicans visiting his clubs could “wearing a wire,” according to another Trump associate. Additionally, Trump and some of his closest allies are trying to figure out whether there’s a “mole” or “rat” with inside access to the former president.

Since the FBI raid on his residence in Florida, MAGA loyalists have been trying to get Trump to take their suspicions about certain people in his orbit being turncoats and informants and to investigate them for possible connections with federal authorities.

“I’m getting a lot of messaging saying, ‘This guy must be the informant, and others… calling for the president to start doing phone checks of his staff,” an adviser to Trump said. “To be honest, a lot of it feels like people trying to screw over the ones they don’t like.”

People who spoke with Rolling Stone also said Trump has no evidence that the FBI planted evidence at Mar-a-Lago during their Monday raid, though the former president and his allies have openly floated the allegation.

Stephanie Grisham, who worked as a spokeswoman in the Trump White House, said this isn’t the first time that The Donald has shown paranoid behavior.

“When I worked for him it was an everyday obsession [about] who was leaking, who was cooperating with what. He’d regularly ask me and others, ‘Do you think I can trust this person?’ or ‘Do you trust this person?’ or tell me to ‘go find the leaker,” Grisham said.

“Shockingly, I feel bad for the guy today, as funny as that sounds,” she added. “Trump demands total loyalty, and yet he turns on people at a moment’s notice. And he’s now in this situation where he and his people are wondering who among them could be giving some of his most closely held information to the FBI.”

“I mean, who can he trust? It’s just a… sad way to live.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. “I mean, who can he trust? Go to Shul each שבת and spend each שבת with his daughter & son-in-law, and he for sure has a 25 hour reprieve from all wiretapping.
    Since his daughter is currently a חיובת to say קדיש she surely is going to Shul everyday currently, for 11 months.

  2. 1. Unless Trump is guilty of something, he wouldn’t be so worried. The Democrats have gone out on a limb and desperately need get a record of Trump saying “Time for the putsch, I am the new fuhrer”. Given the extremes the Democrats have gone for, if they can’t prove to the country that Trump is a traitor, then the public will conclude that it is the Democrats who are traitors. So far all the Democrats have proven is that Trump genuinely thought the election was stolen and was acting in good faith to challenge it.

    2. Trump might be concerned about political intelligence (e.g. derogatory comments about political allies, views on issues that contradict political statements) which while they are no business of the FBI and the Justice Department, have been the FBI’s “new normal” stock in trade.

    P.S. 147: You seem to be unaware that a convert does not observe mourning rituals for their biological parents.

  3. Hire only those who came out to protests on Jan 6. Don’t hire staff who are looking to get ahead for themselves with a big resume. They could be DemocRATs one day and Republicans next like Bloomberg. Hiring Orthodox Jews and life long Republicans is your best bet.

  4. 147 as he is a goy we do not encourage shul attendance. But perhaps you feel he should go to shul and hang out with the guys at the kidush club?

  5. Considering the number of tell-all ‘blockbuster’ books put out by former Trump insiders, Trump would be naive not to worry about people in his orbit, lest they be tempted to betray him in exchange for immediate media stardom.

  6. “People who spoke with Rolling Stone also said Trump has no evidence that the FBI planted evidence at Mar-a-Lago during their Monday raid, though the former president and his allies have openly floated the allegation.”

    No one “floated the allegation” that we know they did. The allegation is simple: Why did they ban people and cameras? which gives them the ability to plant evidence, and thereby gives Trump the legal right to claim so!

  7. People can be paranoid of consequences even if theyre innocent. Ever heard of being FRAMED? sorry, “Akuperma” (includes the oisios “Make up (r and a extra are short for rat)), go do some more research. You must not know who the Fuhrer is, and the fact that you would compare Trump (whos daughter converted) is equally preposterous as me saying your mother looks like Yasser Arafat.
    @r(a)t, same thing: ever heard of framing? Youd be nervous if I framed you for a crime, even if you knew you never did it (though maybe you would).

  8. His attorney said the security cameras were only off for short time while the issue was being discussed, they were on and she said the family watched through the system.
    Evidence they “planted” anything? Zero! With trump and his fanatical fascist supporters all you have to do is dream something up and say it and they think it’s fact, like mdshweks.
    This man has always been an immoral lying adulterer.

  9. “The Trump bashing continues……YWN is digging it’s own grave>>”

    Mamish: I assume you are either trolling or took a day off your meds. YWN has been consistently supportive of Trump and has used every opportunity to bash Biden. This story simply reveals the bizarre paranoia that has been a long-standing attribute of the MAGA world. If reporting an occasional truthful story about Trump is problematic for you, than perhaps limit your web-browsing to the 100% MAGA website where never will be heard a negative word.

  10. Sorry, but you guys are not getting it. Trump is not paranoid. He is aware of the facts. And the facts are that Trump was already betrayed many times by ‘insiders’. These are people who were initially close to him, who later turned on him – either out of vengeance, or they just fell for the temptation of media adoration. Remember John Kelly and John Bolton, among others? It makes sense for him to be cautiously wary of some of the folks surrounding him. He would be naive and derelict not to be somewhat wary of these type of people.