Trump: “Jewish People Don’t Appreciate Israel the Way They Should”


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Former President Donald Trump, now running for president in 2024, told the annual gathering of the Republican Jewish Coalition that Jews don’t appreciate Israel enough and should be at least as grateful for it as evangelical Christians are.

“Some people in the United States — Jewish people — don’t appreciate Israel the way they should,’ Trump said. ‘I’ll tell you who does appreciate Israel very much are the evangelicals, because evangelicals are on your side. Evangelical Christians, they’re really on your side. But I appreciate Israel, and it’s an honor to have, I think, done far more for Israel than any other president.”

Adding that Biden “betrayed Israel and the Jewish community,” Trump said that if he becomes president he will expand the Abraham Accords and achieve peace across the entire region.

Trump suggested that the accords could be expanded to include “10, 12, 14 [Arab countries], we would have had maybe all of them … we could have truly had peace in the Middle East.”

Trump recently wrote in his Truth Social app: “No President has done more for Israel than I have. Somewhat surprisingly, however, our wonderful Evangelicals are far more appreciative of this than the people of the Jewish faith, especially those living in the U.S. Those living in Israel, though, are a different story – Highest approval rating in the World, could easily be P.M.! U.S. Jews have to get their act together and appreciate what they have in Israel – Before it is too late!”

He was roundly condemned for telling Jews how much they should or should not love their homeland.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Considering the level of anti-Israel/antisemitic vitriol on this page, I wonder why he would say that!?!?
    Anti-Israel/anti-Zionism = ANTISEMITISM, and no one is more guilty of that, than Reform and Ultra-Orthodox Jews!

  2. liberal self hating Jews, descendants of those who threw their tefillin off the boats…marrying out of the faith..working on shabbos..starting hollywood and showing cartoons while Jews were being burned in the crematoriums..eating shelfish and enjoying the “free” life…on the forefront of all democratic issues that are anti G-D…

  3. No, Kach, anti-zionism is not always antisemitism. There are three possible non-antisemitic motivations for anti-zionism:

    1. Anarchism. If someone is opposed to all states, it follows that they are opposed to a Jewish state as well. Of course anarchists are also opposed to a “Palestinian” state for the same reason.

    2. Pacifism. If someone is opposed to all violence, for any reason including self-defense, then they would have no problem with Israel having declared independence, but they would be against the IDF defending it, and without that defense Israel would have lasted about five minutes. So effectively pacifists must be anti-zionist. Of course for the same reason they are also against the “Palestinian” cause, since that cause consists 100% of violence.

    3. The Torah. The overwhelming majority of Torah authorities hold that although the land belongs to us, and the “Palestinians” have no right to live there, let alone to establish a state there, we are forbidden to establish a state of our own there either. Not because it’s not ours, but because Hashem has commanded us not to. That is not antisemitic at all. It is loyalty to Hashem and the Torah. There is a minority of authorities who hold otherwise, and you’re entitled to follow their opinion, but you are not entitled to impugn those who follow the mainstream halachic opinion that the state should never have been founded in the first place.

    The common factor of all three legitimate motives for anti-zionism is that they all rule out any support for the “Palestinians”. Anyone who supports them is indeed an antisemite.

  4. Trump is 100% correct. Whatever ones opinion on whether the state should have been founded in the first place, and what alternatives existed at the time, a Jew must always consider Eretz Yisrael his only true home. Too many American Jews don’t feel that way. Too many of them even support the “Palestinian” cause, which is the same as the Nazi cause.

  5. Evangelical appreciate Israel since they believe it’s part of the plan for the end times where Jews would be forced to accept their second coming. Other than that they all hate us no matter what. And it’s true that most non frum and even some frum Jews don’t appreciate Israel.

  6. Interesting that this immoral lying adulterer feels he can denigrate and threaten the Jewish community. Israel in just 3 years has had 5 elections, basically split 50/50. So Israelis themselves are contentious about what they want, but American Jews are supposed to have all the answers. Just a reminder, unfortunately Moshiach has not yet come.

  7. He means we don’t appreciate “him”’the way we shld.
    He gave us a Capital. Guess what? Jews have no Capital. We’re not about land nor culture. We dont care about “your” feelings to Israel. We feel for America.
    Israel is NOT our homeland. We have no dual loyalty. Its the one and only USA that we call home. One day “without his help or any Zionist help” we will be redeemed and have all of EY back.
    Isn’t that something we shld be eager for????

  8. The nudniks who think Trump is right do not understand that Christian Evangelicals support Israel so that all the Jews can be brought there to be converted to Christianity or killed.

  9. The entire modern religion of Evangelicals was built because of Israel. They swapped the most fundamental principles of their base religion, realizing that it was wholly disproven by history.
    WOOOPS! My bad! Oh, let’s just start a new religion that fits in to modern history, one that the Bible supports, instead of saying these prophecies were ‘old’ and ‘obsolete’.
    Just upgrade to the newest version so there aren’t any bugs.
    And when the Mikdash is rebuilt – OH ya! it was supposed to be that way too….
    Jews tend to support israel less, because, unlike Evangelicals, they actually follow the same ancient religion of their forebears, instead of changing it to fit into modern historical realities.

  10. Is this statement supposed to be surprise to anyone?
    Aside from the support Trump has shown Israel, American Jews are largely to the left, the Israeli public is increasingly leaning to the right.

  11. I am still trying to find another country on this Earth where you have to say or post “I can criticize Israel but…” “Israel has these problems but…” “The Israeli government commits abuses however…” It is almost mandtory in certain circles and on the internet as a whole.

    I’d love to see this about Qatar, Ireland, Italy, Mexico.

    Trump is right.