TERROR IN J-M: Anglo Yeshiva Bochur Killed In 2 Coordinated Bombs At Bus Stops, 22 Injured; 1 Critical

Aryeh Schupak, h'yd.

A pair of explosions in Yerushalayim early Wednesday morning killed a yeshivah bochur and injured 22, including 1 critically, in what is being investigated as a twin terror attack.

The first explosion occurred at a bus stop on Rechov Weizmann near the Central Bus Station, killing one and injuring 17, including one in critical condition, five in serious to moderate condition, and eleven in light condition.

The second explosion occurred about a half hour later at the Ramot Junction, lightly injuring five people, with three injured by shrapnel and two suffering from shock.

The murdered victim was later identified as a 15-year-old yeshivah bochur, Aryeh Schupak, h’yd, a resident of Har Nof, whose parents are olim from Canada. Aryeh, z’l, was on his way to his yeshivah in Moshav Beit Meir. His mother said that she had told Aryeh, z’l, to stay home that morning because he wasn’t feeling well but Hashem was gozeir otherwise. His levaya began at 3 p.m., departing from the Bostoner shul on Rechov HaAdmor MiRuzhin and continuing to Har HaMenuchos.

Levaya begins in Har Nof.

The public is asked to daven for Aryeh’s friend, who was standing next to him and was critically injured. He is sedated and ventilated in the ICU at Shaarei Tzedek Hospital and doctors said on Wednesday afternoon that his life is still in danger – a refuah sheleimah l’ Elchanan ben Livnat, as well as for a seriously injured man of about 60 – Chaim Nochum ben Feiga Rivka b’toch shaar cholei Yisrael.

Canadian Ambassador to Israel Lisa Stadelbauer tweeted on Wednesday afternoon: “Heartbroken to confirm that a young Canadian lost his life in this morning’s reprehensible terror attack in Jerusalem. Our sincere condolences to his family and friends, and to others wounded in this attack. Canada continues to condemn all forms of terror.”

Police said the “two high-quality, powerful explosive devices with a high level of damage” were hidden behind the first targeted bus stop and in a bush near the second. Both were detonated remotely and were packed with nails to make them even deadlier.

Deputy Commissioner Sigal Bar Zvi says it is believed that an organized cell is behind the attacks – one that may be working independently, rather than being directed by a larger terror organization like Hamas or Islamic Jihad.

A police assessment also determined that the terrorists responsible for the bombing knew the areas well and had planned the attacks long in advance.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)




  1. Ben Gvir has his work cut out, to implement his mentors plan and expel every single arab from 🇮🇱 & who cares what sleepy joe has to say about this plan?
    These attacks simply have to stop once and for all.

  2. Bh,with hashem’s help, under trump there were no attacks in Israel and peace for four years. Cuz he leads from strength! Arabs smell weakness for miles..we need him back in power to put them in their place.

  3. Israel is the safest place for Jews. More Jews are killed daily in America, Canada, England and Australia than in Israel. Israel is run by a holy government that protects all Jews around the world.

    Everyone should move to Israel.

  4. Rabbosai the comments above pain me. Hakol Byedey shamayim. No mortal on earth has the ability to save anyone if HKBH was goizer otherwise, not Trump, Ben Gvir or anyone else. We are not privy to the reasons in heaven to why these things happen. Lets all renew our efforts and learn more, more maasim tovim and hopefully this will stand us in good stead.

  5. pray that Amalek is destroyed…….217 years till 6000___only you me and all the others who care can change our ways …..concentrate on our children families and the rest will follow…it always has…..it is always ‘good’….’tov’

  6. יהי זכרו ברוך
    I second Efshar Azoi’s request that UJM back up his claim that “more Jews are killed daily in America, Canada, England and Australia than in Israel”.

  7. I think ppl mix up emunah and hishtadlus and maybe can’t read correctly? First and foremost everything is with Hashem’s help, as mentioned above. And Facts are facts. Under trump there were terrorists attacks in Israel and there was peace. Elections do have consequences. Make what you want of it.

  8. That filthy demented Alzheimer diseased treasonous Marxist sewer rat (DemonRat) sitting in the White House, is going to send taxpayers money to the filthy terrorist PLO,in order for they should be able to compensate and reward this murderer .

  9. @ujm: are you being sarcastic? or are you one of those רשעים neturei karta…

    “Israel is run by a holy government that protects all Jews around the world.” – Nobody thinks that. We are aware that the majority of our fellow members of Am yisroel in the holy land do not properly adhere to the laws of the torah, and is our job to be מקרב them closer to Hashem.

  10. Baby Squirrel: Are you an Iranian jihadist or a Reform anti-Zionist? How dare you deny the holiness of the Israeli government that are the Jews best protection from terrorism. If not for the “Zionist government” that you do despise, there would be successful terrorist attacks in Israel.

    Because of the holy IDF Israeli Jews face to deaths at the hands of terrorists. Unlike Jews in America, Canada, England and Australia, where Jews are like lambs being led to the slaughter as they all face frequent terroristic attacks against Jews, who are killed for being Jewish in far greater numbers than anywhere in the State of Israel, which unlike in the Anglo world has the IDF fully protecting them.