ADL Chief: Trump Running “Most Unapologetic White Nationalist Presidential Campaign” Ever [SEE THE VIDEO]


Anti-Defamation League CEO Jason Greenblatt didn’t take lightly to former President Donald Trump meeting with antisemitic rapper Kanye West and white supremacist Nick Fuentes at Mar-a-Lago.

“For Donald Trump to dine with notorious white supremacists and unrepentant bigots, I think at a minimum, Sarah, it’s clarifying. He is trying to make America hate again and running arguably the most unapologetic white nationalist presidential campaign we’ve ever seen,” Greenblatt told CNN.

Anchor Sarah Snider asked whether Trump’s defense of the meeting – that he didn’t know Fuentes was coming and doesn’t know anything about him – is justification for the meeting occurring.

“It makes no difference,” Greenblatt responded. “It’s demonstrably unpresidential when you can’t demonstrate a basic knowledge of people in public life.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Has Greeenblatt forgotten about George Wallace’s 1968 Presidential campaign? I was at Wallace’s Madison Square Garden rally and from I remember his remarks were less racist than Trump’s. All knew what Wallace stood for even without him using racist rhetoric, Perhaps Wallace just had more control on what came out of his mouth than Trump.

  2. Stop whining. Such loser mentality makes us weaker and more pathetic in everyones eyes. We will never get sympathy from the nations since we are a lonely nation, when we are happy no one is joyous with us, and when we are sad noone sympathizes with us. So just accept it we are a lone nation and are the strongest we need noone but each other and Hashem.

  3. Greenblatt needs to shut his lying face. He has no right to use his position with the ADL to promote Democrat Party propaganda. Trump is not running a “white nationalist” campaign. Not only is it not the “most” such campaign ever, it’s not even the least such campaign. It’s not racist at all.

    As for whether not knowing who Fuentes is makes him “unpresidential”, first of all that’s none of his business. The ADL’s job is to address antisemitism, not to test presidential candidates’ general knowledge. If a candidate is unaware even of a well-known fact, that’s not something the ADL has any business commenting on. Second, Fuentes is not a well-known public figure. I’ll bet Biden has never heard of him either, and that’s even before the senility. There’s no requirement that a candidate must be familiar with the name of every crank and crackpot who crawls out from under a rock somewhere. For instance I doubt Trump or Biden have ever heard of Greenblatt.

    And that goes for the liar who goes by the name Yaacov Doe too. Trump is not a racist, he has not said anything racist, and his campaign is not racist, so if I were to believe you that Wallace was less racist than Trump then I would have to conclude that he was not racist at all, and that he’s been unfairly maligned by history.

  4. Not sure Trump is aware, his career is over! He’s wasting his time campaigning. He has surely lost lots of fans. We needa move on and put him in the past.

  5. “Democrat Party propaganda”

    There is no Democrat propaganda and it is a fact that Turmp wined and dined two first class anti-Semites and won’t condemn either of them.

  6. ADL isn’t much of a mouth piece for Jews …..can remember a story where someone was doused with water and called horrid names and ADL did nothing….if it ins’t in black and white in the news….it doesn’t affect them….G-d will bring in as always who will be the best or the worse…..either way…Trump is our friend….there isn’t much after that

  7. Kayne West if WHITE? Her sure doesn’t look like it in his pictures. If Trump was into being a “white supremacist”, I doubt he would be hanging out with people like Kayne West (and in all fairness, who ever heard of a “white supremacist” with so many Jewish associates and relatives). Trump may a a self-deluded fool, but he isn’t a bigot, though he seems to attract idiots regardless of race, color or creed.

  8. Only a brainwashed Democrat ignoramus would not be aware that:

    1. Trump is not running on any racist or white nationalist positions.

    2. The primary scoundrels who promote racist, anti-Semitic policies and attitudes are fully embraced and defended within the Democrat Party.

  9. ADL is about as useful as a flat tire!
    All they do is collect $$$ and talk!
    You wanna fight antisemitism, get strong, support Israel, train Jews to fight!