Lieberman: “Non-Jewish IDF Soldiers Are More Jewish Than Yeshivah Bochurim”

Avigdor Lieberman addresses the press at a party meeting. (Screenshot)

Outgoing Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman again engaged in his favorite pastime on Monday of attacking and inciting against the Chareidi sector in Israel.

Speaking to the press at a Yisrael Beiteinu meeting at the Knesset, Leiberman ignored the fact that his government agreed to give billions of shekels to the Islamist Ra’am party in order to maintain their seats, and said: “I’m anxiously following the coalition agreements that are taking shape as well as the budget demands. The demands we have seen so far are estimated at over 100 billion shekels.”

“It can be financed in two ways – either through raising taxes for those who serve in the IDF and reserves and work or by increasing the deficit. Then the credit rating companies will simply lower Israel’s credit rating. We are part of a global economy, we aren’t on an isolated island, so any deviation has an immediate effect.”

Regarding the Likud’s coalition agreement with Noam chairman Noam Avi Maoz, which will see Maoz as the head of Nativ [a government bureau which among things, determines the eligibility of Jews of Eastern Europe to make aliyah according to the Law of Return],  Lieberman said: “I heard that Maoz said that the Law of Return is used to bring non-Jews into the State of Israel and this man is going to be appointed head of Nativ. He’ll block the aliyah of those from the former Soviet Union. This is an appointment that will harm the delicate social fabric of Israeli society and the relationship with the Jews of the Diaspora.”

“There are five and a half thousand soldiers in the IDF who aren’t Jewish according to halacha. As far as I’m concerned, they are much more Jewish than the thousands of Talmudei Yeshivah in Ponevezh, Chevron, and Grodna.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. And take it from this expert!

    What makes this guy so additionally sad is that his own son and grandchildren are Chareidim and the Ribnitzer Rebbe was his Mohel back in the USSR. How can this guy creep so low? It’s mind-boggling.

  2. There are five and a half thousand soldiers in the IDF who aren’t Jewish according to halacha. As far as I’m concerned, they are much more Jewish than the thousands of Talmudei Yeshivah in Ponevezh, Chevron, and Grodna.”

    This pork eating Russian drunk is a rasha merusha. He would of done more for his nishama had he been beaten in the gulogs.

  3. As sad as it is to listen to such trash, heres the thing: Lieberman is the exact product on what Herzl and his cohorts founded the Zionist Medinah. He’s actually doing us all a favor by exposing himself so crazily.
    The best thing is to just let him rant. Russia would have him back any time and there he’d watch his filthy mouth.

  4. I love not getting involved and yet involved… is the most shameful of things ever…..I hope never to stand before this Ukrainian monster

  5. Whoever supports the regime in Yisroel supports this guy and the shas hashmad. Doesn’t matter if you didn’t vote for him. You support the system that allows this guy to be a “leader” for decades. You are in part responsible for the shas hashmad, and you should be ashamed of yourself. You need to recognize that the regime and its supporters are you enemies and withdraw all support. You can’t make a nuanced article in support of the state and not this guy. This is what vibrant democracy brings.

  6. I appreciate the fact that Israeli soldier daily lay down their lives to protect Klal Yisrael. I appreciate it a lot. But has one of them every laid down his life to learn Torah, which protects Klal Yisrael even more? Has one of them ever sufferred the hardships of a life of Torah, not knowing where your food is coming from, or where your children’s clothes and shoes are coming from. Not knowing if you’ll have a roof over your head next week?

  7. Unfortunately, Leiberman SR”Y is one of the shrewdest politicians in Israel.
    The fact that he is saying these things, means that he has calculated that it can get him more clout (AKA votes) in the future.
    This is not a very good sign for us…

  8. @Marxist
    what makes him jewish?? Nothing he does or believes is in any way jewish……
    Anything?? speaking hebrew? come on, today that means nothing. Being a descendant of jews? seriously? you gonna go there?
    Halachacially, he’s a goy – mechalel shabbos b’pharhesya.
    What ya gonna say??????
    i want a logical response from a thinking mind.

  9. In the Zionist redefinition of Jewish from Torah-based to Zionist/idolatrous land-based, he is spot-on. Of course they are more Jewish.

    Unfortunately for this overgrown pig, the real definition of “Jewish” was, is and always will be what the Torah says it is. Period.

    Zionist shmad has caused – and has not stopped causing – untold damage to Klal Yisrael, but Netzach Yisrael lo yishaker.

  10. @Schmendrick does the same thing applies to jews living in Chu’l? So are you liable for the LGBT ETC because you live here? If not, why not? After all you keep voting Democrat. Or even republican. You are still at fault. As a matter of fact it sends we are all guilty of Kanye’s antisemitic tantrums. After all H’ wields the whip isn’t it true?

  11. @Chaylev Halyah
    “Being a descendant of jews? seriously? you gonna go there?”

    Actually I am. Because that’s the way Jewish has been defined for centuries: if someone’s mother is Jewish they are Jewish. You may not like his views but he is as Jewish as you.

  12. Can we disagree with this politician, but still show respect to people who are risking their life in Tzahal, whatever their halachic status is. If you were attacked by bandits and a random passerby came to your defence, you will surely thank him. Just because there are political issues involved, the personal factors does not change.

    As to the argument that learning is a substitute for fighting, this makes sense when there is unity and everyone is agreeing to that. Exempting yourself when the other disagrees does not sound like an erliche position – especially while there are groups who both learn and fight. Maybe we should work more to make less-learning community appreciate the learning. I know many do outreach work with Tzahal and similar, and hopefully this will help create the unity of klal Isroel.