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IDF’s Chief of Personnel Branch Wants More Women in the IDF

idfIn an address in Kiryat Ono College, IDF Chief of Personnel Branch Major-General Orna Barvibai told her audience that “we are busy discussing [IDF] service for men, both secular and chareidi, but there is almost no discussion regarding the fact women are not inducted”.

According to Barvibai, 42% of draft eligible females in Israel do not serve in the military – most because they bring a letter from the Rabbinate testifying to their adherence to Shabbos and kashrus. Barvibai plans to change this reality, explaining there must be a significant increase in the number of women serving towards true equality regarding sharing the nation’s defense burden.

The senior officer explained there must be equality between men and women serving in the IDF and she plans to act to eliminate the ability of girls to ‘automatically’ receive a draft deferment on religious grounds. “There is a steady increase in religious girls declaring they are not serving. This is an embarrassment and a disgrace”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Why don’t they offer to pay them more, improve conditions of service (and given the high number of abortions it seems there is much to be concerned aboutg conditions of “service”), and career opportunities. Give up conscription, and ask for volunteers (and thereby get rid of the need for make-work jobs for unmotivated conscripts, of which there are many).

  2. And there you have it. First bring in the yeshiva boys even though the army has too many soldiers and are sending home hundred of seasoned soldiers plus cutting the army budget. But to recruit yeshiva boys that will cost double the amount rto train is ok because to weaken Torah Judaism is top on the secular governments agenda. Now will recruit the frum girls as well so we can destroy all the future of the jews like the hamans and hitlers tried. Aint going to work because we american chareidim will stop all A$merican funding to israel if we have to. You watch.

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