NOT ONLY CHAREIDIM: Ben-Gvir To Police: “If You Use Water Cannons In J-m, Must Do The Same In Tel Aviv”

Police spray Chareidim with water cannon at protest in Jerusalem. (Photo: Yishai Yerushalmi/B'Chadrei Chareidim); Activists lock arms in Tel Aviv, Israel, to protest against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government, Motzei Shabbos, Jan. 7, 2023. (AP/ Tsafrir Abayov)

National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir ordered the police to respond to left-wing protests in Tel Aviv in the same manner they respond to Chareidi protests in Jerusalem, using water cannons for crowd control if necessary and arresting protesters who block roads and wave inflammatory signs with Nazi imagery.

The move comes after a large left-wing protest against the Netanyahu government was held in Tel Aviv on Motzei Shabbos, at which PLO flags were waved, current government officials were compared to Nazis, and the Netanyahu government was compared to the Third Reich.

“I told the police command today – I’m in favor of protests but those who block roads and those who riot should be arrested,” Ben-Gvir said at an Otzma Yehudit party meeting in the Knesset on Monday. “I’m for freedom of expression but we also saw democracy being harmed, incitement against [Justice] Minister Yariv Levin, the blocking of roads. Freedom of expression is not freedom of incitement.”

Earlier on Monday, Ben-Gvir visited the police national headquarters in Jerusalem and criticized the police for its discriminatory policy, stating: “Discriminating between protestors is unacceptable, your discrimination between left-wing and right-wing protesters will not continue. The law of a protest in Jerusalem is the law of a protest in Tel Aviv. If you operate water cannons in Jerusalem, I expect that you do the same in Tel Aviv.”

Left-wing organizations responded to Ben-Gvir’s demand for the use of water cannons at left-wing protests by stating: “A water cannon that will deter the citizens of the country from fighting for democracy and our freedom has not yet been created. We suggest you recalculate. See you on Motzei Shabbos.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Those protesters in Tel Aviv are terrible. By blocking the roads they are causing a chillul Hashem and aiva! People are missing their flights. People can’t get to their lifesaving medication. Where are the rabbonim?! Ohhh, wait…………. Oops sorry. Everything is cool.

  2. When the Oslo Accords came out the leftist government broke the noses of elderly protestors of the Women in Green. They screamed when somebody had a banner of Rabin in an SS uniform. Now the tables have been turned. They are getting a taste of their own medicine. Well deserved!

  3. They are actually fighting against democracy. Ben Gvir and his party are the elected government and the leftists don’t care about that. The people have spoken and the party is over for Israel’s enemies.

  4. If only they were water cannons. It’s skunk spray. It’s a bizayon. They make a makom shel kedushah reek horribly with that stuff. I heard the spray was developed from the chemicals that skunks actually spray. If Jerusalem literally smells rotten, there’s a problem. Don’t care if the regime that does it puts a Magen Dovid on its flag.

  5. The left has always controlled army and police and Justice against the religious Jews.
    Two rules one government.
    Beat the religious Jews
    Let enemy flag ans swastika fly.
    This is not democracy this is left wing anarchy.

    Let’s see Lapid and Gantz tried for sadation.

  6. Kol haKovod to Ben-Gvir & Smotritz who are valiantly standing up for the the values & expectations of their voters, and we have utmost & deepest respect & admiration for both of you.
    The more you anger lapid & lieberman, the more we appreciate you & realize that you are doing a great job upon which you ran to do.

  7. So its okay for the police to abuse the citizenry, as long as they don’t discriminate. Why not a rule that all police should act in a respectful and humane manner (even if not warranted by the behavior of those being policed) regardless of who they are acting against.