Top Israeli Lawyer: “I Won’t Hesitate To Use Live Fire If Judicial Reforms Pass”

Attorney David Hodek (holding microphone) said on Wednesday that he wouldn't hesitate to "use live fire" against the government if it advances its planned judicial reforms. (Screenshot/Israel Bar Association Conference)

One of Israel’s top lawyers, Attorney David Hodek, sparked outrage in Israel when he said that he wouldn’t hesitate to use live fire against the government if it actualizes its plan for judicial reforms.

Speaking at the annual conference of the Israel Bar Association in Eilat on Wednesday evening, Hodek said: “I decided that I won’t live under a dictatorship for even one day. If I have to fight for it with live fire, I will. I’m speaking with my younger friends from army service.”

“They don’t understand how worked up the Israeli public is and the level of opposition to this destructive legislative plan. People are ready to take up arms.”

“Everyone is horrified. What, how can you say such a thing? I say if we need to reach that point and if they drag me there, that’s what I’ll do. I won’t leave Israel and I won’t live under a dictatorship…they’re proceeding full-force with it and we’ll oppose it full-force – and whatever will be will be.”

Unbelievably enough, Hodek’s speech received a spatter of light applause. However, according to a Maariv report, some members of the audience opposed his statements and said that a complaint should be filed against him.

Former MK Dr. Michael Ben-Ari filed a complaint against Hodek with the police on Thursday morning. “I just filed a complaint with the police against Adv. Hodedk on incitement to violence, sedition, publication of sedition, threats, and organization of an illegal army. I’m convinced that he’ll be interrogated just as they interrogated me for a thousandth of this and as they interrogated all those who clapped their hands at the ‘hate wedding,'” Ben-Ari sardonically concluded.

Radio 103FM reported on Thursday morning that the police launched an investigation into Hodek’s statements.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Stupidity obviously knows no bounds on either the right or left. As an attorney, he knows his words are borderline criminal under applicable law and should be prepared for the consequences. Passionate disagreement on political issues does not warrant this hyperbole.

  2. Well said, GH. I am a bit surprised that as a lawyer, obviously intelligent and educated, he can really believe that the judicial reforms being presented smack of a “dictatorship”. As a lawyer, he must realize that when judges in a nation guided by law can overturn elections and the general will of the people simply because they feel like it, and without any legal cause, that is the definition of a dictatorship, not when elected representatives do exactly what the people elected them to do.

  3. Are the seculars (who control the economy, and dominate the senior ranks in the military) threatening a putsch if the coalition of religious and nationalists get effective control of the Israeli government (which heretofore is limited by the powerful self-perpetuating judiciary)? Remember that to the socialist/secular zionists who founded the medinah, the religious Jews are an existential threat (far more than Arab terrorists, who are at most a nuisance). The dream of a Jewish homeland free from the yoke of Torah is at risk, and the people who are most concerned are not powerless to stop it. Remember, that in Eretz Yisrael, “democracy” is a buzzword for secular, unlike the United States where it is defined as “rule by the majority of the people.”

  4. Left lost the Elections and the Controls systems. For Good.

    Lapid now instigating the world to join BDS.
    The prior PM is urging political uprising or SADATION and Civil war because if judicial reform take effect they have effectively lost the cultural war so by invitation to terror Lapid is urging business to leave Israel too.

    They also lost the CONTROL over the state. The Israelis are now reacting to over 60 years of Leftist Tyranny.
    They have had it with one sided agenda that gives the EU and US control over destiny of Jewish state.

    If the masses understood how Supreme Court is elected they would vomit in 2023 and the almighty Lefts control.
    The unelected lawyers who appoint Supreme Court in the dark room and control the PM with the help of EU and US money have now realized that the mafia like election of SC by 2 lawyers who have are not elected by anyone and control and take all the profit at the cost of the nation’s soul and human life is coming to end.

    The Attorney General who controls PM actions wrote 112 page opinion that is so corrupt and tyrannical that shows clearly she is taking her last breath as her Dictatorship is coming to end.

    There should be a new National.
    There should be a new day celebrating Yom Hatzmaout.
    There should be a new National Anthem and Jewish Constitution written no more Basic Law that SC overrides at the commend of EU and US.
    2023 might be the year that Jews will have a fight with Yevonim and JC Lapid.

  5. In the USA his words would be protected speech, and could not be criminalized.

    Then again, in the USA the judicial branch and the DOJ civil service could not have seized power in the first place, as they did in Israel, so there would be no need for reforming the system to mitigate that coup. What this idiot calls a “dictatorship” is what every free country in the world calls normal. Israel is now a dictatorship, and has been since Aharon Barak y”sh’s tenure; the government is proposing to restore democracy.

  6. “In the USA his words would be protected speech,and could not be criminalized…”

    Up to a point. The Courts have struggled for 200 years with variations of limits on speech along the lines of prohibitions against “screaming FIRE in a crowded theatre” or parsing protected speech versus words advocating direct violence against individuals or government institutions. Even the current very conservative SCOTUS has recently upheld or refused to grant Cert to cases where individuals were convicted of threatening federal officials etc.

  7. The Left has been using live fire against other Jews since the time of the Altalena. When THEY do it, it is always “justified”. I call on the Israel National Police to arrest this Bolshevik terrorist immediately!

  8. Berish: They’ll have to lock up about 1/3 of the MKs from BOTH sides if using stupid and threatening language is now considered a “terrorist” threat. Start with the current PM…..You can google multiple comments he has made about the opposition over the past 20 years which were unequivocal physical threats