Israel Police Commissioner Visits Paley Family, Gives Them Chazon Ish Sefer Emunah Bitachon [VIDEO & PHOTOS]


Israel Police Commissioner Yaakov Shabtai arrived today at the home of the Paley family in the Ramot neighborhood of Jerusalem. Two children of the Paley family, Asher Menachem and Yaakov Yisroel HY”D were recently murdered in the bus stop car-ramming terror attack last Friday.

In condolence of the mourners, the police commissioner expressed his admiration for the strength and power of the special family, led by the children’s mother, Devorah, who stands with strong bravery. The commissioner brought the Sefer Emunah Bitachon from the Chazon Ish and gave it to the family as a gift. He told them that this book would be a sign of the faith and trust that they show.

The mother, Deborah Paley, asked to give the commissioner a word of thanks from the bottom of her heart, as well as to all those who helped on Friday to ensure that the Kevurah of her son Yaakov Yisroel took place in a matter of minutes before Shabbos.

The police commissioner was accompanied by the Commander of the Jerusalem District, Doron Turgeman, and Chief Rabbi of the Israel Police, Commander Rami Brachyahu.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Instead of giving them a book about emunah and bitachon, I would have rather him given them his vow that he will eradicate terror from the land, and their kids will be the last to be murdered by these vicious terrorists.

  2. For him to give this courageous woman, a paragon of emunah… a sefer on emunah.. as they have blood on their hands .. is disgusting and utterly ridiculous.

  3. All cause mortality at an all time high. “Died suddenly” becoming ubuiquitous. Turbocancers. The regime coerced the public to participate what appears to be a deadly genetic experiment. Those who resisted democide got arrested. Now, there are waves of terrorism that one can only reasonably expect are incited as a diversion from a much more horrible attack on the public. Now, the police, whose job was to protect the public, all pose for their photo ops, essentially taking advantage of a grieving family. Take home point of their photo op: trust us, the regime, for your safety… They all look like Fourth Reich Juddenrat to me.

  4. For the most part, these comments (6 when I’m writing this) make me nauseous. When you see photos of a beautiful family with an amazing tzadekes at their helm sitting shiva in utter sadness and grief, yet fully cognizant of the yad Hashem, and the best you can do is sarcasm, it is sickening. The best I can do is just cry.

  5. “they have blood on their hands….”

    Leah2330: Not sure who you mean by “they”, but if you are referring to the police, I’m sure you would have no problem if they step back from your home if c’v there is some sakanah knowing you would not want to have them around.
    Don’t you idiots ever get tired of trashing those who put their lives on the line daily….