WATCH: Israeli Leftists Block Conservative Think-Tank With Barbed Wire, Sacks Of Cement

Brothers at Arms protest.

Left-wing anarchists continue to demonstrate against the Netanyahu government as widespread protests were launched across the country Thursday morning as part of a “Resistance Day.”

Protesters, including IDF reservists, broke into the offices of the conservative think-tank Kohelet Policy Forum in the Givat Shaul neighborhood of Jerusalem and blocked the front entrance with barbed wire and sacks filled with cement and sand.

The protesters then demonstrated outside the building, shouting at any employees who showed up to the office. When the director, Meir Rubin, showed up, they screamed at him: “Traitor, traitor.”

The police, who were called to the scene, arrested six of the protesters for entering the building illegally and disturbing the public.

The head of the Movement for Quality Government in Israel stated: “The break-in to the Kohelet Forum is not the crossing of a red line but a black line. Without any ‘buts’…simply a black line that is forbidden to cross. Civil society organizations are the soul of a democratic state just like an independent and strong judiciary and they should not be harmed under any circumstances.”

The activists stated: “The Kohelet Forum is an extreme right-wing, nationalist and messianic organization. It strives for a Jewish state that discriminates against women and minimizes democracy in order to realize its vision of a messianic dictatorship, a dark religious state with apartheid and annexation of the ‘territories.’ [Chairman of the Consitution Committee] Rothman and [Justice Minister] Levin are the executors of its frightening vision for the State of Israel.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Why are these people wearing Covid Masks? Oh, right, they are total idiots who just believe everything the media tells them. Covid is still deadly, Netanyahu is uprooting democracy, whatever the Fake News says, it must be true.

  2. You think this bad? These are the same people famous in other countries for gulags and re-education camps, and ethnic cleansing to get rid of opposition. And they are supported by the major governments in America and Europe. They will fight to keep their medinah, and oppose anyone (pro-zionist or chareidi) who tries to replace it with a Jewish state.

  3. Apparently, the closed minded mentality of the liberal movement is more present in Israel than by us. A somewhat comforting thought…..