WATCH: Anti-Israel Activists Shamelessly Admit They Lie About Israel

Screenshot/Canary Mission

Three anti-Israel activists unabashedly admitted that they lie about Israel by accusing it of apartheid as seen in a video compiled by Canary Mission, an organization that exposes hatred and antisemitism on college campuses and beyond.

One activist justified her lies by claiming: “It’s not facts, it’s about power. Apartheid, as a word, has incredible power.”

Another activist blatantly said that he’s not concerned “about the accuracy of the word. I don’t care. As long as there is a conversation happening in which the villain is portrayed clearly, I think that is good.”

A third activist even accused the US of engaging in apartheid. Perhaps he meant against white Americans?

Sadly, it seems that the masses, with rare exceptions, don’t actually care about the truth when it comes to left-wing causes such as vilifying Israel and justifying unscrupulous behavior.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. So is Haaretz (Amos Shocken) June 27, 2008 – there is no need for there to be any identity between the regime in Israel and the regime in South Africa called by that name. Suffice it to say that the use of the word constitutes, in Schocken’s opinion, “an absorbing and understandable media headline in large parts of the world, and is therefore useful for conveying the message.”

  2. Irrelevant trash, as mentioned above-like what do you expect? Just go look what חז”ל say about ישמעאל.
    that put aside, these videos haven’t even cleverly been edited or cut-and-pasted. I mean it’s so clear that whatever was said could be explained in a variety of perspectives, exaggeration to bring out a point in a passionate speech is not that uncommon. It doesn’t [in the eyes of the world, not Jews] make you ‘admitting’ or ‘revealing’ your true intentions.
    No. Sorry, you didn’t catch Mahmud with his hand in the cookie jar….
    Find something more interesting to talk about, like the recent leaked clip of Biden mentioning how “I can lie and they’ll believe anything I say” not realising it was broadcasted everywhere….

  3. The Palestinian could live happy with the same jobs and tourist like Israel have big family with government to care for them go to the beach and travel to Jordan and arab countries vote for their own people to respect walk where they want in the west bank thier home make some business graze cattle grow trees in thier own country smile and laugh and have pride like that of people with torah and mitzvah