VICIOUS HATE: “Chareidim Should Hang Themselves With Their Tefillin Until Bnei Brak”

Illustrative. Chareidim in Kollel Chazon Ish in Bnei Brak.

A resident of the Sharon area was arrested over the weekend after he published a video on social media inciting against Chareidim and calling for the murder of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

The man said in the video: “Some people should die. I want blood to be spilled. If only they would throw grenades…kill someone – only then will they understand. There’s a stupid Bibi there – what’s important to him is [expletive] and Sara his wife and his retarded child – they must be killed! They must be killed!”

He then began spewing vitriol about Chareidim and religious Israelis. “There’s a train line nearby, there are cables there – they should hang themselves with their tefillin from here until Bnei Brak.”

“I hate anyone who wears a kippah. They caused it. I can’t stand all the religious people – they’re [expletive]. They caused me to be in this position of hating kippah-wearers. They should hang themselves with their tefillin from here until Bnei Brak.”

Police officers from the Petach Tikvah district saw the video and launched an investigation to locate the suspect, arresting him shortly later. He was detained for questioning and released to house arrest under restrictive conditions.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. The sooner these telavivians come to peace with the fact that Hashem used them as the chamor of Mashiach the sooner they can find happiness.

  2. No no no. We must bend over backwards, twist ourselves into pretzels, and use wild creative imagination in order to be dan licaf zchus those that hate us and want us dead! Remember, they’re not Frum YET! All these pork eating michallel Shabbos homosexuals are really all tzaddikim. We should run over to this Tzaddik and ask for brachos. Only fellow Chareidim we’re allowed to disagree and hate.

  3. It’s a pity that Israel has no freedom of speech, but since that is so, and the leftist police have no hesitation in arresting us when we say the “wrong” thing, it’s good to see that once in a while they enforce the same unjust laws against people on their own side, at least when they go so far that they can’t cover up for them.

  4. Yet another reason, if one was indeed needed, why a ben Torah and bas Yisroel should conduct themselves like mentchen at all times, and even be makpid about mentchlichkeit to a greater degree when around chilonim. The schism between frum and secular in Israel isn’t going away any time soon. But it’s probably too late. The matzav in Israel is similar to Conservatives versus post-modern Wacko Liberals in the US.

  5. this guy is two shabbosim away from bringing mohsiach. think of the chareidim he may have met in his life. or the rumors he’s been spun. before we tear into him as he’s teared into us it’s important to think this guy has probably never had a shabbos in his life, has no idea what torah really is and is one tzaddik away from being a baal teshuva. yeah, you can lock him up, but daven for him too. the geula is dependent on us doing our part to not make ourselves hatable.

  6. Possible payback for so much endless political corruption from Haredi political parties that should be shining examples of clean ethics. Think goyim-leftists don’t notice, think again!!

  7. There are an awful lot of goyim hanging around Israel at the moment. Over 50% of immigrants this year are not Jewish…
    One wonders who this guy’s mother is and if she is indeed Jewish….