ISRAEL IN CHAOS: All Flights From Ben-Gurion Canceled, Widespread Strike, Including Hospitals

Illustrative. Crowds of Israelis waiting for flights at Ben-Gurion Airport. (Photo: Twitter)

The chairman of the workers’ union of Israel Airports Authority, Pinchas Idan, announced on Monday morning at about 10:30 a.m. that beginning immediately, there will be no take-offs abroad from Ben-Gurion Airport in protest of the “judicial revolution” and the dismissal of Defense Minister Yoav Gallant by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Idan made the announcement during a press conference of the Histadrust labor union during which its chairman Arnon Bar-David announced a general strike of the Israeli economy in protest of the judicial reform. Bar-David emphasized that public transportation will be excluded from the strike.

Bar-David announced a “historic strike” in order to “stop the madness.”

“We are all coming together to shut down the State of Israel. The malls and factories will close. We have a mission to stop this wave of legislation and we will win. We will return the State of Israel to sanity.”

The strike includes all workplaces in the public sector as well as in the business sector. Hospitals will operate in “Shabbat mode” as well as MDA and firefighting and rescue services and the Israel Electric Company.

Some banks announced that they are closing their branches on Monday at noon. The “Big” mall chain, the Azrieli Group and other retail chains also announced that they are joining the Histadrut strike and that starting at noon on Monday, all the shopping centers they own will be closed. Pharmacies and supermarkets will remain open.

Many universities have canceled classes and schools have canceled their Pesach day camp programs. Special education settings will continue to operate as usual.

In a rare step, the Israel Medical Association also announced on Monday morning a full strike of the health care system in protest of the judicial reform.

The strike will include all public hospitals and all community clinics. The Medical Association will operate an Exceptions Committee as usual to allow life-saving treatments and services.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. 1) Pinchas Idan ימח שמו וזכרונו needs to be locked for life without any possibility of parole, or better still, be administered death penalty for causing anarchy>> רודף במלכות
    2) All Pinchas Idan’s personal assets & union assets {both current & all future assets} MUST be seized to cover heavy economic losses being caused by this savage.
    3) This right wing government immediately introduce a bill into law for Taylor’s Law

  2. All coming from Esau. ROME POPE BIDEN. Goyem do this. Chareidi will come Hospitals close down we will take back our medical. Jews only.

  3. I don’t want to invoke controversial subject but “maybe, just maybe” Satmar rebbe was referring to this 75 year birthday of Israel when he said it will fall at that time! Maybe. I’m not Satmar btw…

  4. NO!NO!NO! Finally Israel was going to stop the small Ashkenazi Secular leftist elites from controlling the country but if Netanyahu concedes it’s all over and the elites will destroy the country. Hashem save us!!!

  5. PLEASE note it’s a hoax
    We are at the airport and all flights are running normal. NONE cancelled . It is very busybut everything is normal The only crazy traffic is from Ben gurion to yerushalayim And in yerushalayim

  6. This chaos shall continue until barak or/& 1 of his cohorts gets assassinated, just like the revolts in France over retirement age, shall continue until the Eiffel Tower &/or Arc de Triomphe gets torched & set alight & destroyed.

  7. I cannot believe all this talk about and susuggestion of violence being a solution to our problems when we know very well that the only solution will be through Shalom and ahavas chinom!!! We think we’re frum by the way we dress and do mitzvos-but this just shows we are missing the main point!!!