NO MORE GRIFTING: Buttigieg Tweets Photo Of Him Flying In Commercial Airplane


Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg tweeted out a photo of him sitting in economy class on an American Airlines flight to Charlotte, North Carolina, raising eyebrows about the timing of the photo.

Multiple Twitter noted that the tweet comes just two days after it was reported that he is under investigation by the Transportation Department’s internal watchdog for his extensive use of taxpayer-funded private jets.

The audit was launched roughly two months after a Fox News Digital report showed that Buttigieg, in his capacity as transportation secretary, has taken at least 18 flights using taxpayer-funded private jets since taking office in early 2021.

Flight records show that the flights aligned with Buttigieg’s internal calendar obtained at the time by government watchdog group Americans for Public Trust (APT).

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. This report tells us very little. We need to know about his predecessors’ usage of private jets before we can make any sound conclusions.

  2. So much for the affirmative action pick, Buttigieg, honoring his pledge to the green new deal terrorists, to personally reduce carbon emissions by flying on ozone layer killing jumbo jet! Oh, right…. Climate change only applies to the dumb white Republican middle class males.

  3. Besalel-
    Why should the tax payer fund a private jet for a cabinet member?
    Assuming you pay taxes why wouldn’t you expect him to fly commercially? First or Business class is plenty comfortable and not beneath a servant of the people.

    Granted a President needs his own plane. But not a cabinet appointee.