Outrageous: Arab Delivery Man Rips Off Mezuzah, Throws It In Garbage


The residents of a residential building in the northern city of Charish discovered that the mezuzah at the entrance of their building was missing.

After checking the building’s security cameras, they discovered that an Arab delivery man had ripped it off and threw it in the garbage can.

The residents filed a complaint with the police through the B’Tzalmo organization.

Waze Delivery subsequently fired the delivery man.

The head of the company, which is located in the Israel-Arab town of Baka al-Gharbiyye said: “I want to apologize on behalf of the company to all the residents of Charish and express our apologies for the unacceptable incident that occurred during a delivery by a courier employed by the company. As a company, we respect every religion and every human being; the act that happened does not represent our values.”

“From the moment were heard that our new courier violated our ethical regulations, we fired him from our company. Please accept our apology. We understand that every person can make mistakes, and we would be happy if you gave us an opportunity to change and improve.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. We look inward to look for ways to improve when things like this happen. Now, let someone burn a Koran and there are mass riots and death. I am so glad I am a Yid. But I do hope that fellow gets caught and punished severely.

  2. we can always get another mazzoza and It looks like there is always another ARAB…..what else is new……look what you are doing and not what he is doing…he is doing his job…are you

  3. This is in contrast to an Asian women approached me in the local hospital, asking, she found a scroll with Hebrew writing in the house she bought, what shall she do, if it’s holy – I directed her to the nearest shul office.
    Many years ago I went collecting door-to-door in the local area and rang the bell at a house with a big Mezuzah but the non-Jewish owner laughed, explaining, he left it in honor of the previous occupier…