Israel’s Health Ministry Warns Of Rise In Whooping Cough, Cases Doubled In 3 Months

File photo shows an empty bottle of tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis, (whooping cough) vaccine. AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli

After cases of whooping cough in Israel doubled in the past three months, the Health Ministry recently issued new guidelines for Kupot Cholim and hospitals, stressing the need to urge vaccination among infants and pregnant women.

According to data published by the ministry, there were 615 cases of whooping cough in Israel from January to July 2023, compared to only 18 cases in the same period last year.

Kan News reported that the Health Ministry is recommending that every person over the age of 18 receive at least one dose of the pertussis vaccine.

The Health Ministry’s message to the Kupot Cholim stated: “Pregnant women should be encouraged to vaccinate against whooping cough between weeks 27-36 of their pregnancy. The administration of the whooping cough vaccine during pregnancy has been common for about a decade, both in Israel and worldwide. The vaccine is safe and protects the infant from life-threatening infections until they can be vaccinated themselves. In addition, vaccination of children against the disease should be encouraged at all ages, according to vaccination guidelines.”

“Since September 2022, there has been an increase in whooping cough incidence worldwide. In recent months, outbreaks have been reported in Canada, Denmark, the Philippines, Malaysia, South Africa and Bolivia, each with hundreds of cases. Countries with lower incidence include the United States, Australia, and New Zealand.”

“In Israel, cases of whooping cough tend to rise and fall, with an increase in incidence every four-five years. In recent months, we have seen such an increase in incidence rates and hospitalizations due to whooping cough. Most of the reported cases originate from the Jerusalem area, but cases have been reported throughout the country. Morbidity is highest in areas with dense populations and low vaccination rates. The most significant morbidity and most hospitalizations occur among infants under six months old who aren’t fully vaccinated.”

In June, a four-month-old baby with whooping cough in Ashdod was hospitalized in critical condition, and in May, a ten-week-old infant from Jerusalem passed away from whooping cough.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Great let’s make a panic push a Vax that doesn’t work…
    And burry the working vitamin c protocol from Dr Suzanne Humphries!

    Sounds like a plan to me….

  2. Mmm… so one death a year, some years…. seems like fearmongering to me. the Dtap vaccine has killed many babies both born and in utero. One death a year does not seem worth the risk. Also, the fact that it’s not specified that the infant that passed away was unvaccinated, you can assume he was (when its an unvaccinated infant, it is bolded and said repeatedly). So one vaccinated infant a year against many vaccine injuries…. mmm no thanks. Stop fearmongering us and trying to push the vaccine agenda.

  3. The scientific data shows unequivocally: 1) the vaccine only masks symptoms. It does nothing
    to stop the spread. This is because the pertussis bacteria had an “invisibility cloak” (my words) toxin that fools the immune system for about 2 weeks until the disease can take hold in the bronchi/lungs. They have not figured out how to develop immunity to this toxin. Instead they have only created immunity to the toxin that causes the irritation which is the basis for the symptoms. 2) the vaccine increases susceptibility to the bacteria by about 8x. The reason for this is “pathogenic priming” and “original antigenic sin.”The immune system tends to become weighted in addressing the first antigen it learns more strongly. So the body fights the irritation at the expense of the other aspects of this microbe. So you’re not sick, but you’re a superspreader! If you would never be vaccinated, you would be more likely to stay away from babies and the elderly because you’re not feeling well. But because you don’t know you’re sick, you hug and kiss grandma and the babies, exposing them in a grand way.

    so essentially they take an uneducated public and fan the flames so everyone will go get the vaccine and INCREASE the outbreaks. Then they can scream at the unvaccinated for spreading the germ when it’s the vaccinated that are spreading it.

    Why not look into this before running out to endanger your loved ones?

  4. Pertussis (the P in the DTAP) in an infant is one of those diseases that scares me as much as those metalic adjuvents they put in the vaccines. It’s still a toss up, on this one.

    However due to their balatant lies and vax-genocide in the last 2 years, my trust in Public Health including the Misrad Habriyut (MoH) is now long gone.

  5. This is how Needle Averse People get their immunity.
    If they are fine with watching their child suffocate from coughing, that is their prerogative.
    But let them stay away from from young children who have no immunity yet.

  6. @shimon11210:
    Firstly, as we learned from the Spanish flu pandemic (and were told by Tony the Fauch to ignore during the most recent pandemic) “coughs and sneezes spread diseases” being a carrier of a particular virus or bacteria doesn’t make you particularly susceptible to spreading it.
    When your body is actively trying to rid itself of a particular infectant, that is when you are likely to spread it. (Think cough, runny nose, explosive diarrhea etc)