Tragedy In Israel: Unvaccinated Baby Dies Of Whooping Cough

File photo shows an empty bottle of tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis, (whooping cough) vaccine. AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli

A ten-week-old infant from Jerusalem passed away from whooping cough about three weeks ago.

According to the Health Ministry, the baby developed symptoms of the disease at five weeks old and was hospitalized two weeks later.

The baby’s mother wasn’t vaccinated during pregnancy. The Health Ministry’s recommendation is that pregnant women be vaccinated against the disease in their third trimester.

In a Health Ministry notice about the case to the health funds, it stated that starting in February “cases of pertussis (whooping cough) among babies and toddlers have been reported and the number is on the rise. We are now experiencing a pertussis outbreak in the Jerusalem District.”

According to the ministry’s statement, at least 215 cases of pertussis were reported to the Health Ministry since January – of which 183 were in the Jerusalem District – and dozens of patients were hospitalized with the disease. There were only 17 cases in the same time period in 2022.

“The vast majority of patients in the Jerusalem District are concentrated in Chareidi neighborhoods in Jerusalem, Beit Shemesh, and Beitar Illit – in a Chareidi population characterized by delayed and low vaccination rates.”

Out of the 183 patients with whooping cough in the Jerusalem district, 82 are babies under a year old and 82% are less than six months. Most of the patients are babies who are not registered in Tipat Chalav (well-baby clinics) branches and have not been vaccinated against the disease.

The Health Ministry emphasized that the “מחומשת” vaccine administered to babies beginning at the age of six weeks provides protection against a number of diseases, including whooping cough and polio. “Also, it is important that nurses be vigilant about the issue and contact a family doctor/pediatrician in any case where whooping couch morbidity is suspected,” the office warned.

The Ministry also recommends that pregnant women in their third trimester get a whooping cough vaccine to protect their children and emphasized the importance of routine vaccinations against infectious diseases, some of which can cause severe complications and death.

“Adherence to routine vaccinations is important in order to prevent outbreaks of disease among children and their environment,” the Ministry stated.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. It’s the lousiest vaccine ever to take. It does not work. If only ywn would allow to post the links the research is clear. If anybody has whooping cough, please Google Dr Susan Humphries vitamin C protocol it works always Forever no one needs to die!
    Definitely can I send you any hundreds of babies were treated with the vitamin C protocol they all became better within 24 hours.

    Oh wait you can’t Google for her cuz she’s been shadow banned.. maybe if you try bing, or go go directly to her website doctor Susan Humphries .net

    No one needs to die and stop the fear-mongering

  2. I’m sure that people like Joshua45 and the people mentioned in this article mean well, but it’s sad that their misunderstanding is propagated on a place like YWN. Imagine a person who picked up a Chumash for the first time a month ago telling you that the Ramban is misunderstanding the medrash. It would be strange. Even if he told you that some acharon here or there has a good raya, etc. People like Joshua45 have as much understanding of vaccines as the person here does of Chumash, midrashim or the Ramban. I’m sure he means very well, but…

  3. This was a needless death with people refusing to be vaccinated against diseases that were nearly wiped out. Ha Kodosh borucho created these vaccines for humans yo take them and remain strong and healthy
    Yet those that know the least talk the most
    As the gemorah states. An empty jar with a few coins makes more noise

  4. It’s always interesting when the articles posted are about supposed unvaccinated babies. At the same time that this baby passed away, another baby, in the Romema area of Jerusalem, a three month old died at the babysitters home after that mornings vaccine. For some reason that baby’s death wasn’t newsworthy

  5. M is very kind in his analysis.

    Joshua and his ilk are far more dangerous and ignorant.
    Firstly, her name is Suzanne not susan and you can find her and her ideas on Google.
    Secondly, her recommendation is to treat symptoms of pertussis on children and older. The disease is a risk for infants. The resultant coughing fits in infants leads to low oxygen and brain injury. As someone who treated an infant with pertussis in the ICU for 5 weeks, where every coughing fit required a nurse toml run in the room to bag the baby, I cannot even fathom the idiocy of applying this woman’s vit C recommendation to treat infants at home. If your 8 year old has pertussis then it is inconvenient and annoying. 8 week old different ballgame. Vaccines are meant to.prevent spread of disease as much as prevent the individual from getting it. Last I checked

  6. I was vaccinated in my third trimester and my baby caught whooping cough at her babysitter, as did many other vaccinated babies here in London. Leaves me wondering why we bother if babies catch it anyway? All the babies I know fully recovered after some antibiotic. Perhaps the baby who died had underlying health problems, who knows?!

  7. My VACCINATED child almost died from chickenpox last year. read it again. VACCINATED.
    He was hospitalized for two weeks battling a life threatening sepsis brought on by the chickenpox.
    He nearly died.
    This was not written up anywhere. It would have made it into the news had he not been vaccinated. Instead, they explained it as an unfortunate occurrence. and kept it very quiet.

  8. Knowitall613,
    Thanks for correcting the spelling of the doctor’s name.. other than that there’s nothing true in your post.

    I personally, have guided many manh babies as young as 3 weeks old as per Dr Humphries protocol, they all became better within 24 hours. Just stating that someone is arrogant and ignorant means nothing.

    I’ve read more vaccines than your pediatrician read his one page in college. If only I can post links over here, research is research it’s not that complex you can read it. Study after study clearly shows that the pertussis vaccine does not stop transmission end of story. This is not an opinionated statement it’s a factual statement.

    Much like when the covid vaccine came out everybody was pumping and raving about the 95% success…. Until…
    Wake up, smell the coffee

  9. Five weeks old is too young to get vaccinated. 8 weeks is the earliest a baby can get vaccinated. Btw I am very pro-vax, but after I vaccinated my 8 week old baby, he DEVELOPED very mild whooping cough. It was so sad to watch him fight to breathe. Then he had back to back ear infections for six months. I still vaccinate all my children, including him, (sadly he happens to be autistic but I do not blame the vaccines for that), but I don’t start at 8 weeks anymore. Theyre so tiny an can barely fight off the vaccines.

  10. Fun fact: the Tdap vaccine was never tested on pregnant women. If you wanna be their guinipig then you can go ahead and get it. Good luck if you ch”v have an adverse side effect, you can’t even sue them since vaccine manufacturers are not liable.

    Just Google it and you’ll find the following info:
    Pregnant women are not included in clinical trials for vaccines, which is why the package insert for Tdap vaccine (and other vaccines like influenza) indicates that it belongs to Category C, where the vaccine/drug can be given if the benefits outweigh the potential risk and can be given if “clearly needed.”

  11. Thank you ywn for bringing this to our attention. However, be prepared for a backlash from those who throw out all logic and purposefully try to get yidden NOT to vaccinate. They do not know that they are being machariv olamos

  12. Amazing how one sided ywn is. You actually took off joshuas comment?!? Cause it provided information that isn’t to your taste?

  13. Here we go again. At this point, those who choose not to vaccinate their children against childhood diseases with high risk outcomes and high levels of infections are free to do so but if there are unfortunate outcomes in terms of illness or death, they are knowingly accepting that outcome. Meanwhile, public health authorities, under laws in the U.S., UK and EY, are authorized to limit the contact of these children with others.