Clashes In Tel Aviv As Leftists Prevent Yom Kippur Tefillos

Illustrative. Tefillah in Tel Aviv. ((Rosh Yehudi)

Leftist protesters prevented Yom Kippur tefillos from taking place on erev Yom Kippur and Motzei Yom Kippur at Dizengoff Square in Tel Aviv.

The organizers of the tefillos, the Rosh Yehudi organization, tried to use Israeli flags as an improvised mechitzah after a Tel Aviv court ruled that a mechitzah in a public space is illegal.

The leftists confronted the participants, destroyed the mechitzah, and even cleared the chairs that the organizers had placed. Clashes developed between the participants and the leftists, with the leftists standing next to the area and screaming “Bushah, bushah.” Most of the participants left the area.

One of the protesters was detained by the police and a group of leftists protested outside the police station where he was being questioned.

Leftists prevented mechitzos from being set up in other areas of Tel Aviv as well as in Yafo and Haifa at the end of the fast on Monday evening.

National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir wrote “On this Yom Kippur we saw haters who are trying to expel Judaism from the public sphere. Israel is a Jewish country! And a democratic one. Next Thursday I will hold an evening tefillah in the square. The public is invited!”

Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai responded to the clashes, “Unfortunately, last night, religious and Messianic extremists decided to trample on the court’s decision and established a mechitzah between men and women at the Erev Yom Kippur tefillah. A crowd of protesters, residents of the city, prevented the tefillah in Dizengoff Square from taking place in its illegal form. This is the first I’ve been called on Yom Kippur since the Yom Kippur War 50 years ago. I want to make it clear – I will not let the character of our city change! In Tel Aviv-Yafo, there is no place for gender segregation and exclusion in the public space.”

Opposition Chairman Yair Lapid wrote: “It’s a shame Yom Kippur was spoiled in G-d’s name. For years I have provided Yom Kippur as an example that Judaism does not need to be enforced. It becomes ours only when we consider each other. Until this year, when the Chardalim [Chareidi-Dati Leumi] came to the neighborhood and decided to bring the war to us as well. They insist on gender segregation in the public space. They erected a tent where they daven only with Ashkenazi tunes. They make sure to explain to us that there is only one version of Judaism, their version.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. The Jew haters want war.
    The Jew haters the remnants of Holocaust and are instigating unwarranted civil war.

    NO ONE INVITED THEM TO PRAY ON Yom Kipur. They could have their Pork BBQ, but their intolerance, hate, passion for power and fire is going to bring their own down fall.
    Let the world see
    Let the Arabs pray separately in TelAviv like these leftist animals ANIMALS WILL KISS THEIR FEET.


  2. Religion or Politics?
    When Shuls have musical slichos or a person attends a musical slichos we have plenty of complaining how wrong it is because it’s not our “Mesorah” We are told Slichos are a serious time & as we are preparing for judgement it should not be about “Vibing” to good music. We are told this was never done in Europe & shouldn’t become accepted here.
    Yet on Y’K when since time immemorial Yidden have Davened inside their Shuls (or walked to the Shul they grew up in that is farther away because of “Mesorah”) we have no issue with Yidden leaving their Shuls (& it’s atmosphere) to Daven outside with all the noise & distractions & let’s admit an all around lowering of the Kidusha we find in our Shuls.
    So I ask. Is this fight really about religion or is that just an excuse to create more (as if there isn’t enough already) political conflict?

  3. Even back then Chilonim respected Yom Kippur. Now these Noonies completely let themselves go and all is allowed in their eyes. When you don’t take anything serious in life, life isn’t serious.

    So much for the “Jewish state.”
    Modox’ers, how do you explain this? I thought you people taught that the Medina is אתחלתא דגאולה, Ch”vs. anyone that respects this state is truly blinded

  4. *when you don’t take anything serious, nothing matters and all is allowed.

    The only thing that matters in their eyes is to destroy the little amount of kedusha that some Chiloni still cherish, because it insults them that some people still believe in Holiness and have divine morals unlike them.

    Next year they will shoot or imprison anyone with a mechitza. Mark my words

  5. The biggest Geihinom in the world is when I know that I am definitely heading to H and I know that you guys that are praying are for sure going to Gan Eden.
    I will try with all my might to shlep you down to Geihinom together with me-No way will I let you go to Gan Eden.
    We are going together to Geihinom-tough luck on you

  6. The Tel Aviv court surely must be made to feel ashamed of their shocking ruling:- Even more so on יום-הכיפורים commemorating exactly 1/2 Century to the very day since the outbreak of the יום-כיפור War

  7. I feel so bad for all those protestors. I mean, if you read the quotes… omg what ludicrousness. These protestors must be the most gullible people on the planet. They sing Ashkenazi tunes, the horror omg

  8. Even on the holiest Day Jom Kippur this leftist are making trouble and Lapid the great Talmid Chacham supports the with Ron Hulday the biggest Chilloni and Am Haaretz all this in the so called Jewish state of chillonim Tel Aviv

  9. Sick destroying goyem. I don’t see a Jewish star anywhere. Can only be the Eruv Rav and Christian communities in Israel. Down with them finally and forever

  10. At the risk of being flamed, what am I missing here? Sure, it’s terrible that leftists prevented tefillos. And you can argue that the Court should not have ruled against the mechitza. But it did, and everyone knew it (we won’t even get into whether or not a mechitza is necessary in this instance). The choice was to either abide by the Court order in the public square, or cancel the event. No one was stopping anyone from davening in any of the thousands of Shuls in Eretz Yisrael, or even in Tel Aviv. Instead, they created an entirely predictable confrontation, and the resultant sinas chinam on Yom Kippur that could have been prevented, by simply not deliberately provoking the leftists. Why is this any different from what the Women of the Wall do by the Kotel?

  11. the leftists are not “protesters” rather “HOODLUMS”.
    the have such fear and hatred of the religious right that they will do anything and everything to stop us, but we will win with HaShem’s help.

  12. yes. it is a real battle. these chiloni animals are enemies of the Jewish people. They are bashing frum jews on US national television, inciting violence against Jewish soldiers, accusing the IDF of war crimes, and really causing a danger. Also most of this fringe group of crazies are kofrim and openly admit it. Enough is enough.

    Time to stop hugging them or giving them chulent like some naive bnei brak residents did against the orders of the gedolim who told people not to interact with them…

    It never ceases to amaze me how some people in our (chareidi) communities are so naive, and are so soft and tolerant towards the people who are literally out to destroy our way of life and our level of religion. No, hugging an evil person is not going to bring us any further. Look up the Trojan horse story and you’ll see it’s very similar to what we are seeing now.

    Time to stand up and proclaim to these people that we will NEVER BEND ONE INCH in our avodas Hashem and our way of life. They, the secular ashkenazi chiloni will soon be a remnant of the past because they have more dogs than kids and the kids and grandkids they do have are all hanging out in Nepal getting high while our kids and grandkids are proud ovdei Hashem who actually contribute to the Jewish people whether by learning or working and supporting Torah


  13. Radical leftists are not about “equality” nor “democracy”, but about anti-Jewish hatred. They do not interrupt segregated Muslim prayers…


    And they are the hypocrites who repeatedly charge falsely “racism” on those who fear Racist Arab terror.

  14. @Kuvult,
    You are right but just look at how they (the left) take action, you can literally imaginarilly see their blood boiling and hatred for anything Jewish.

    You really should say such a thing even as a joke.
    These guys can hardly be awarded kafe kela, never mind gehinom.
    May you merit Gan Eden after a long healthy life.

  15. IraK,

    So having separate tefillos there, as has been done for several years is now “deliberately provoking the leftists”? I suppose you also feel that the:

    – Warsaw Ghetto uprising was “deliberately provoking the Nazis”?
    – Fighting the Yom Kippur War was “deliberately provoking the Arabs”?
    – Killing suicide bombers is “deliberately provoking the terrorists”?

    What you are missing is Jewish pride so please crawl back under your bed until you grow some!

  16. Quoted from an article in Mishpacha magazine:
    By Rabbi Chaim Aryeh Zev Ginzberg | MARCH 28, 2023

    …We understand very little about the meaning of the war of Gog u’Magog that will precede the coming of Mashiach. The sources are very few; there are scattered references throughout the Midrashim written in general terms, with no specifics.

    The interpretation I heard comes from a tradition that was passed down through the generations from the Vilna Gaon. Rav Elya Lopian shared it with Rav Aharon Kotler when they met after the war. He explained that the battle of Gog u’Magog will not be a battle among the nations, but a battle of brother versus brother, a battle for the very soul of Eretz Yisrael. It will be a battle between those who believe in Torah and mitzvos and kedushas Eretz Yisrael, and those who do not; a battle for the future of Klal Yisrael as the Am Hanivchar.

    Is what we are seeing today in the cities, towns, and streets of Eretz Yisrael the battle that the Vilna Gaon spoke about hundreds of years ago? That, I do not know. What I do know is that Hashem is sending us so many signs in an effort to get our attention…

  17. Kuvult: that might be, but it’s the truth. The silent majority of frum Yidden know that I’m right. We are not ashamed of who we are, we’re proud oivdei Hashem and we don’t care for the opinions of atheists who eat chazir. We don’t need them to tell us what it means to be a good Jew, which they are trying to do every day.

  18. It’s time to stop being apologetic. Again, it never ceases to amaze me how many ppl are somehow having Stockholm syndrome and justifying the actions of the left wing secular Jews who want to have a world without chareidim. These people are enemies and people defending them should check their yichus!