Republican Asks If Flight Ban Is Boycott Of Israel


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cruzA potential Republican presidential contender in 2016 is questioning whether President Barack Obama used a federal agency to impose an economic boycott on Israel after the Federal Aviation Administration banned US airline flights to Tel Aviv because of safety concerns amid fighting between Israel and Hamas.

Sen. Ted Cruz, a favorite of tea party conservatives, raised a series of questions about the FAA prohibition, which the agency said was in response to a rocket strike that landed about a mile (1.6 km) from Ben Gurion airport. Cruz asked whether it was a political decision driven by the White House.



  1. He is delusional. This has nothing to do with a boycott and everything to do with trying to avoid a repeat of last week in Ukraine. Cruz has no idea how easy it is to bring down a low flying jet aircraft.

  2. Thank you, Senator Cruz, you are a righteous gentile who speaks the Truth.
    May H’ bless you and your family and your state. Amen.

  3. Love the leftist charliehall until they come to take you away. obuma is a Jew hater and wake up. You can’t get away from you babyish ideas

  4. Charlie, you are wrong again, as usual!
    All the rockets up until today never concerned anybody but when Israel showed their defined and resolute position that Hamas must be obliterated kerry and Obama said, ” oh yeah, we’ll show you who’s boss!” Bloomberg wouldn’t have gone if it was dangerous – he loves himself too much! The proof I’m right is that they would not even allow for flights to land at another airport like the Italian flights are! It’s no secret and no surprise how much Obama dislikes Bibi and certainly he doesn’t favor the Israelis and Jews over the arabs! Hussains and Ahmeds are being obliterated by Moshes and Yussies! NEVER!!
    Remember Kerry’s off-the-mic slip!??
    Tel Aviv is the safest airport in the world! Charlie, don’t fool yourself! Even you know it but …. Charlie Hall has to always be on the opposite side! WinkWink

  5. charliehall, are you being paid by Obama administration to be his spokes mouth on this web site or you are just doing it for free, for pure devotion to Democrats?
    Your responses are all too predictable, you always put Obama and Democrats before welfare of Jews and Israel.

    BTW. How come one of your bosses, John Kerry did not have any concerns flying into BG Airport today?

  6. Cruz is both offensive and delusional (as Charlie Hall so rightly observes). He will do anything for media coverage and could care less about EY. The delusional ones are those yidden who mistake the “love’ of the right wing Evangelical Christians who just can’t wait for yidden to go up in flames so their moishiach will arrive.

  7. Charlie – When did the US ever stop flights into dangerous
    areas? Sen. Cruz is absolutely right! The truth hurts, Charles! The Dems can’t be the party of Jews anymore.

  8. Charliehall-
    The delusions are all yours.
    Rocket lands near Ben Gurion, FAA suspends flights to Israel.
    Plane blown out of the sky over Ukraine. US carriers are free to continue all flights to the region.
    Simple math.

  9. @ #12 And don’t forget Pakistan, as well, which hasn’t had FAA suspension and has actually targeted commercial jets.
    One could, of course ascertain these facts, if one chose to.
    It seems, in many cases, and not just in politics, that when someone is given even a distantly “reasonable excuse” to keep believing or retaining their stance, they will do it. If the “reasonable excuse” causes them to judge another Jew l’kav zechus, fine, if it causes them to excuse an association with unsavory people or actions, it is his loss.

  10. @#10, There are many in both political parties that know that it is in their benefit to voice “their unwavering support” for Israel and they make bland statements attesting so. The key to identifying a real supporter of Israel is when they make a statement that might be somewhat “controversial”, such as Sen. Cruz’s or Newt Gingrich’s “Palestinians as invented by USSR .”

    I really don’t know that much about Evangelicals beliefs about Y’mos HaMashiach but I see that they support morality and Am Yisrael like observant Jews do, so I will judge them by their present actions.