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Gang Members in Spain Carve Nazi Symbols into Teen’s Arm, Beat Him

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Spanish news site Público reported an incident which occured during the early-morning hours of August 29 in the city of Bilbao in northern Spain. According to the report members of a neo-Nazi gang attacked a teen and carved a swastika and the number 88 in his left arm.

Two of the attackers grabbed the teen as he was entering his home while a third attacker carved into his arm. The attackers then proceeded to viciously beat the teen, kicking and punching him. One of his eyes was injured in the attack and his entire body was bruised.

Local police are currently investigating the attack. The identity of the teen has not been disclosed and it is also not being revealed whether he was Jewish or what any motives for the attack may have been.

Neo-nazi activity in The Duesto district, where Bilbao is located, has gone up. Most of the activity, however, consisted of hanging banners around the city with hate slogans which were eventually taken down. Some of the banners alluded to affiliations with the Ultra-Right group Golden Dawn in Greece

In July, a left-wing activist was attacked at night by a group of neo-Nazis. The group has also been vandalizing buildings in the area, including tagging a youth center in Duesto with swastikas and the number 88.



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  1. There is no rationality in nazism, so there’s not much to think about to understand the motive of nazi attacks: They are a vile and hateful organization that has no place in society.

  2. So is it Spain that want to give citizenship back to the Jews it threw out at the time of the inquisition? Maybe they want us Jews to come back so that they can finish the job?

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