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Jerusalem Hotelier Surprises Staff In His Will

1Hotel employees were shocked to learn that they were in the will of the owner of two hotels; in Jerusalem and Tiveria. The owner of the King Solomon Hotels in Jerusalem and Tiveria has divided his assets among employees of the hotel, not just higher tier employees; but all staff members including anyone employed for over five years. This includes maintenance, housekeeping, chamber maids, room service, waiters, bartenders, and all others.

This week they received a check beginning with a modest few thousand dollars but increasing with one’s position and seniority. A chef and member of the housekeeping staff in the King Solomon Jerusalem each received $30,000 (thirty thousand dollars).

The deceased, Gilbert Louzoun, died a number of months ago in New York State. Apparently, he wished to show his appreciation for the dedication of his employees in Israel.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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