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Sullivan County Officials Mull Cutting Sheriff’s Road Patrol Deputies

Talks are continuing between Sullivan County government officials and the Sheriff’s Office as the county prepares a 2011 budget.

Initial discussions have as much as $1 million being cut from the road patrol’s $5.6 million budget. That would translate to a potential layoff of 15 deputies out of a total of 40, sources told

If that turns out to be the final outcome, county residents will be negatively impacted, said Sheriff’s PBA President Det. Ed Simon.

“Our biggest concern is it’s unrealistic for them being the county legislators and the county manager to jeopardize the citizens of Sullivan County with these unrealistic cuts; you are putting them at risk,” he said. “The second issue is you are also putting the deputies at risk who have to respond to these calls because the availability of a backup unit has now decreased because you have a lack of manpower.”

The sheriff’s department comprises about 2½ percent of the total county budget. Talks will continue about potential cost cutting measures.

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(Source: MidHudsonNews)

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