Sarah Palin Dons Star Of David Necklace For NYC Visit


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You couldn’t miss it, the big Star of David hanging around Sarah Palin’s neck as she toured the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island on Wednesday.

NBC New York asked Palin about the significance just as she board her bus outside Fox Newschannel to head off to Boston. “Today is the 44th anniversary of Jerusalem being reunited,” she said. “We want to call attention to that.”

The pendant is in every photo she took with fans and supporters and can be seen in every sound-bite captured by television crews.

Some analysts wondered if the possible Republican candidate for president was actually wearing the necklace to play to the hometown audience as she hop-scotched around New York on her national bus tour.

The reunification of Jerusalem under Israeli control followed the Six Day War in 1967. The event has become a national holiday in Israel, observed this year on June 1 and is marked by state ceremonies, memorial services and parades. Around the world the day is also observed in Jewish schools.

(Source: NBC New York)


  1. If Sarah Palin can put on a star of David to be more like our people, can I put a dog bone around my neck to be more like Sarah Palin?

  2. Talk about complainers !
    For a spotlighted politician in today’s world to do that , is courageous and admirable , whether you like her or not . I’m sure it didn’t earn her any points with the media .
    Question – would any of you complainers , in her position , do it ? Probably would be scared even to talk of it .

  3. B Hussein O refused to wear and American flag pin and the Left kow-towed to him. Sarah Palin comes to New York on the anniversary of Jerusalem being freed and reunited as the capital of the Jewish State and you ding on her. Get a life!

  4. Hey, basket case. Why the nastiness? You’re the one biting and drooling. What has she done to warrant calling her an animal?

  5. If this is a gesture of solidarity fith the Jewish people, will failing a literacy test be a show of solidarity with Ms. Palin?

  6. The hatred demonstrated by some for this woman is so consistent with the dishonest liberal agenda. I know in my heart that such people cannot, by definition, be good Jews. Trusting an evil president and being suspicious of Israel’s greatest friend in politics today. Why? Because she has conservative values. Shame on you!

  7. whether you feel she is pandering or not, the fact is she DID put on a Star of David and in doing so IS showing solidarity with us when all the rest of the world would just like to trample us to death. Was the king of Holland pandering when he put on a yellow star of David during WW II no he was showing he support for us as well.
    Palin is one who has shown consistent support of Israel and while you may or maybe not like her, she is still one of the few so called popular celebrities that still side with Israel and not condemn it.

  8. Note the language: “We want to call attention to that.” Not “This is important to *me*, so *I’m* wearing it.” Who is “we?”

    And A23 is on the mark – would she have worn this “symbol of solidarity” if she were in Wasilla? Did she wear it last year on Yom Yerushalayim?

  9. No. 6: Let’s get some facts straight.

    1. Barack Hussein Obama, president of the United States, never “refused” to wear an American-flag lapel pin, he merely chose not to wear one, in the past. For the duration of his presidency, I believe he has been wearing one. What, if anything, does that prove?

    2. I am not aware of any significant number of people of any political persuasion “kow-towing” to Mr. Obama. I and many of those who voted for him, and who look forward to voting for him again, have a very favorable opinion of his character, intellect and political judgment, but I do not kow-tow to him, and I have yet to see anyone else do so.

    3. One little historical note: President Richard “E.” Nixon wore an American-flag lapel pin throughout his presidency, including, I presume, while he was breaking the law and breaching the constitution when he ran the Watergate scandal. When he gave his resignation speech, he chose not to wear the flag pin. I give him some credit for that sign of respect for the American flag.

    4. One other historical note (based solely on my memory, which could be wrong): In my days as a Cub Scout, I remember learning “flag etiquette.” At that time, the Cub Scout manual taught that wearing an American flag or any likeness of it (such as a lapel pin) was disrespectful of the flag (and, presumably, of the republic for which it stands). Somewhere in the ’60’s, police officers started wearing a flag on the sleeve of their uniforms, and some politicians (including Mr. Nixon) took to wearing an American flag lapel pin, in direct (though perhaps unknowing) breach of the flag etiquette described in the Cub Scout manual.

    The practice of wearing American flag trinkets to pander to voters or others, or to demonstrate some sense of patriotism, is in my view a fake phoney fraud (to borrow a phrase from a talk radio guy). Trinkets are no substitute for substance, no substitute for honesty, no substitute for good political judgment, no substitute for knowledge. Sarah Palin has not demonstrated those qualities.

    Now, here’s the interesting question: If Sarah Palin did not wear her American flag pin, or her Star of David, would she be less popular? I think she would be less popular, which make me wonder about the foundation of her popularity.

  10. Trolls,trolls, trolls, the daily kos and huffington post dumbos have invaded our website… real argument or sane reason available, so they turn personal….typical of all leftists….

  11. Exactly, A23. If she wants the Jewish vote, go to a kosher restaurant and have a meal with our people. Thats just asking for a media discussion and mention. One one hand it makes guys like me look really nasty and she can blame those “liberals” for being discourteous and on the other hand someone is going to run around who is probably not even jewish and say “wow, that Sarah Palin is really a nice person to those Jewish people”. Which really does not advance the hope of our People. It just makes some likely christian voter say that Sarah is the peace loving leader that they want her to really be. But all criticism aside, Sarah really undermines what I believe to be True American Values and I can not view her as anything other than uncouth and unorthodox. So the dog bone analogy, though seemingly trite and mean, is really a courtesy considering she acts like we are the animals, the liberal left. Right? So I will play her game.

  12. Probably the most blatant example of pandering that I’ve seen in years and I for one am insulted by it. While she has a nice smile and may say what you want to hear, there is little substance to this woman.

    Maybe she wore it for her meeting with Donald Trump since his daughter in Jewish.

  13. #13 – She actually kept an Israeli flag (in addition to a US flag) on her desk while Governor in Alaska. So she is just staying consistent with her view of Israel as an important US ally in the Middle East.

  14. Wow is Charlie getting nervous about her.

    To #11 and #13, if you knew anything about her, you would have known that while governor she had a few “jewish” things in her office, such as a menorah and an Israeli flag. So her wearing a mogen dovid necklace is not that far of a stretch.

    On the other hand we have CharlieHall’s Avoda Zora – Barack Hussein Obama mmmm mmmm mmm – who REFUSED to wear an American flag pin. Too bad that wasnt looked into more at the time because we would have seen that as being a manifestation of his hatred to the greatness of the USA.

    Anyone BUT Obama in 2012!!!

  15. For Sarah Palin to place the Israeli Flag by her desk is a nice token gesture and it does hopefully keep her mind on some of the matters of the Middle East. I am glad she took a visit to the Holy Land and that perhaps she keeps the Jewish people in mind when she tries to make some decisions. But that is not the same as blatently donning jewelry to make yourself look all the more saavy or prescribed for the job she thinks she wants to have. I just can not see Poor Sarah as an American Leader that I can remotely follow in any good faith. And I am quite a supporter of many of our presidents of both GOP and DEM origins.
    As for a lapel pin. I think it is a nice token of solidatiry. I do think they wear them way too often and perhaps it should not be considered just a piece of the dress code. But that said, it is a nice gesture and it does have its significance at some times but clearly not all. I would not want a president who was afraid to take it off or change his lapel for another pin or other item.

  16. I hope she wins, social issues work themselves out as long as the Pres is pro Israel. Better than a communist raghead lover.

  17. I think part of my problem with this is that the Magen David was never a symbol of solidarity with Jews – it was a symbol of BEING a Jew.

    If she truly wanted to show support Jerusalem and Israel, the obvious choice would have been an Israeli flag lapel pin.

  18. In my opinion she certainly was pandering to get Jewish support. Just because it was Yom Yerushalayim yesterday, does not give her the right to wear a symbol of Judaism. You wouldn’t find a Jewish politician wearing a cross because he/she happened to be making a public appearance in a predominantly Irish community on St. Patrick’s Day. I am not saying anything pro or con about her brand of politics or whether or not she should get the presidential nomination – as a Canadian I don’t even feel that I have any right to comment – just expressing my opinion about her choice of jewellery.

  19. We needn’t worry about her winning the White House. She’s as likely to win the Prtesidency as Charlie Hall, Mark Levin, myself, or any contributers to this site are.

  20. This story – Sarah Palin wears Star of David in New York – is one of the more inconsequential news stories reported on YWN, or anyone else, in the last week or so, and yet it has drawn more comments than any other story in the last few days. What, if anything, does that tell us about the YWN readership.

    And just to be clear: this is my second comment on this article. As the Talmud says: people who live in grass houses should not stow thrones.

  21. No. 17: Donald Trump has a Jewish daughter? Holy mackeral. How did that happen? Jewish mother? conversion? Kicked out of the gentiles?

    So maybe that thing on Donald Trump’s head is a kippah?

    Yes, this is my third comment on this article.

    Oh, goodness, can we give her to the Palestinians in exchange for some settlements in the West Bank?

  22. Has she worn the Magen David on any other Yom Yerushalayim? Because we celebrate it every year, not just the years she’s running for President! People died for the right to wear that star. How dare she? I, for one, think she is not thinking of the Jewish people at all. If she had been, she would never have done something so offensive.