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Tonight Is ‘National Night Out Against Crime’

Communities across the nation, are taking part in the National Night Out Against Crime tonight to promote police-community relations.

National Night Out Against Crime was created by the National Association of Town Watch in 1983 as a way to heighten crime and drug prevention awareness.

The event is a chance for police, the community and officials to come together to talk about crime prevention and awareness.

It also works to strengthen partnerships between residents and police.

In National Night Out’s first year, 400 communities in 23 states participated. Last year’s participation was reported to have grown to 37 million people from all 50 states, as well as U.S. territories, Canadian cities and military bases worldwide.

(Moshe Altusky – YWN)

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  1. The best way to fight crime is to implement the following three steps:

    1.) Lock up dangerous criminals.

    2.) Throw away the key.

    3.) Repeat.

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