Israel Mulls Citizenship Changes


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israeli flag.jpgIsrael’s interior minister has called for reforming the law that grants Jews around the world Israeli citizenship. Meir Sheetrit said citizenship should be earned by a strong commitment to Israel and not granted automatically.

He said funds should go towards helping deprived immigrant communities already in Israel rather absorbing more “lost tribes” living in Africa and Asia.

Mr Sheetrit referred to the rise of neo-Nazism among young immigrants from the former Soviet Union as proof that the granting of automatic citizenship to people defined as Jews was not working.

(Source: BBC)


  1. The problem is not with the Jewish immigrnts from the Soviet Union, rather with the thousands of non-jewish immigrants from the soviet union, that Israel allows to enter the country with forged papers identifing them as jewish.If they are looking to spend money, maybe it should go to checking out family backrounds, so these gentiles stop destroyiny the country by causing intermarriage and criminal activity!

  2. HMD 100% correct. this is supposed to be a “jewish” state. allthough if you visit mini-israel you barely see anything jewish there, mainly xian & muslim exhibits. why is this? b/c there is an attempt by gov’t officials to obliterate any jewish symbolism. the “jewish” agency isn’t donating any $ to NBN due to too many frum olim using there services. doesn’t sound too kosher to me.

  3. “lost tribes” living in Africa and Asia.
    Perhaps I could not agree more. When other Nations open the doors to Dafur refugees, or other non-Jews,then cast stones. Israel is not the World’s dumping ground. This is a good thing. As Robert Frost stated: Good Fences Make Good Neighbors!”

  4. and all of you sitting on your keysters here have what to talk about, while you put your energies into America rather than Israel…. your votes could change what is going on.. maybe, heh.

    if there are more frum Jews there things will change. but everyone needs their Shnitzi’s or whatever….